TechnologyHave you seen the current electric air compressor prices in Kenya?

Have you seen the current electric air compressor prices in Kenya?

What is an electric air compressor?

There are different electric air compressors. We can classify them from portable compressors, mid-range compressors, and industrial electric compressors.

Portable inflator electric compressors

Portable electric air compressors will mainly comprise car and bike tire inflators. One can carry them around and take them out when they need to inflate a deflated tire. They have increased in demand as more people purchase cars and bikes for mobility.

The portable inflators have a low power output of 110 volts, and they design the electric air compressors for inflating tires and balls at home.

Mid-range electric compressors

The mid-range electric air compressors are suitable for small businesses that require compressed air. Some of the smallholder industries used are; in the motoring industry, when applying a coat of paint, in the agricultural sector, during application of insecticides or soluble fertilizer, cleaning companies can use the air compressors when power washing tiles and office carpets or residential carpets.

It is imperative to note that they require a wall socket to be functional, and I do not advise them for an area not connected to the grid.

Industrial electric compressors

The industrial electric compressors have a larger tank capacity. They also require a much more sophisticated and dedicated power source. They are suitable for filling stations where such a capacity is needed.

It is essential to know the air compressor that you require before making the purchase. A difference between petrol and air compressors is that when you overshoot a petrol or diesel compressor, incur the costs of replacing parts.

With an electric air compressor, you will only have to pay higher electric bills when you overshoot it. Given this, it is more suitable for industrial use as it lowers costs related to maintenance.

Advantages of the electric air compressor

  1. Easy, hassle-free power source. Electricity is one of the most reliable sources of power unless major power interruptions affect the supply. Fossil fuel sources of energy are at the mercy of oil-producing countries and increase or decrease their demand.
  2. It is the best choice for permanent mount compressors. The permanent mount compressor is suitable for industrial use and will offer better cost savings than mid-range compressors.
  3. Best choice for most jobs. In the area where electricity is easily accessible, I recommend the electric air compressor compared to the oil compressors. It is much cheaper for drivers and drivers to use portable compressors when they are not near filling stations.

Disadvantages of electric air compressors

  1. Industrial electric air compressors require complicated connections.
  2. Portable units are less powerful compared to gas-run air compressors.
  3. Industrial electric air compressors can have massive power consumption.

What is the price range for electric air compressors in Kenya?

Electric air compressor price in Kenya will have a price range determined by the tank’s capacity and its uses.

When we use the tank capacity, the prices will range between Kes 19,500 for a 24litre capacity tank to Kes 250,000 for a 500litre capacity tank. You can visit this site to know Diesel parts.

The portable inflator options will range between Kes. 7,000 to Kes. 7,500.


Before purchasing an electric air compressor, you need to consider factors such as your demand for the product and its power consumption. It would be best if you also did a cost-benefit analysis to make the right decision.

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