Health effects of air conditioning

In our modern society, air conditioning has become an essential element of daily life. It can be found in nearly every activity that takes place in a confined environment.  We are used to spending most of our summers inside air-conditioned comfort.Research indicates that air conditioning systems  may not be the best option when it comes to your health. Even while air conditioning might be beneficial, living in a climate-controlled atmosphere all the time has its drawbacks. Some of those drawbacks are listed below:


Research shows that people who use air conditioners at home or work may experience periods of unusual fatigue. In places where the air-conditioning is set to an extremely low temperature, this is a common occurrence. If this happens to you, make an effort to spend less time in the air conditioning and instead experiment with raising the temperature.


ACs often remove more moisture than required while chilling the space. The likelihood of a dry room increases dramatically when the thermostat is set to a low setting. As well as removing moisture from the air, air conditioners also remove moisture from the human body. The risk of becoming dehydrated is great if you don’t drink enough fluids during the day.

Dry skin

Dry skin might develop if you don’t replenish the moisture your skin loses from being exposed to air conditioning for long periods of time.Your chronic condition gets worse as a result of this treatment

Your sickness may be worsened by central air conditioning systems , according to research. Pain management becomes more difficult for individuals who insist on using their central air conditioning, which is known for worsening the symptoms of low blood pressure, arthritis and neuritis.

Illness and exhaustion 

Chronic headaches and exhaustion have been linked to people who work in overly air-conditioned surroundings, according to studies. Those who work in facilities where cool air is frequently pumped in may also feel irritation of the mucous membranes and breathing issues. This is because of the constant cooling. This makes you more susceptible to sickness, including colds and flus.

Acute and Chronic Diseases

Your mucous membranes can be irritated by the dry air conditioning, which can contribute to the drying of your mucous. Viruses and bacteria can’t get through the mucous membrane because it functions as a barrier. Large air conditioning equipment can harbor a hazardous bacterium that causes Legionnaires’ disease, which can be lethal. Large air conditioning systems used to cool buildings have been blamed for numerous deaths in cities all around the world.


You become acclimated to a lower temperature by regularly running your air conditioner at a lower setting. This means that your body can become extremely stressed if you have to accomplish something outside in the actual air temperature.You’ll also notice that your body has a hard time adapting to the transition from cold to hot and back again. You should strive to regulate the temperature of your air conditioner at a fair level so that you don’t suffer a temperature difference that is too great.