Himalayan salt block for cooking and serving

Himalayan salt block is a big slab or chunk of pure Himalayan rock salt. The pink rock salt originates from the mountain ranges of the Himalayas, Pakistan. It comes by the method of hand extraction and contains traces of 84 minerals, which give it its distinctive pink hue. The minerals include calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and many others.

Himalayan salt cooking plates, slabs, blocks, and bricks are cooking tops and platter in one, with a wide range of culinary applications and the health advantages of natural, pure salt that contains no chemicals or additions.

Himalayan salt blocks are ideal for baking or grilling meats, eggs, fish, fruit, and vegetables since they transfer heat effectively and at high temperatures.

You can also make Cookies, pizzas, and other baked foods using them. This natural salt adds taste to your food while providing a novel and exciting method to prepare and serve it!

Cooking on a pink salt block not only imparts a salty flavor to the food but the nutrients and elements present in it also make your recipes nutritious.

The blocks are great for presenting food at room temperature too. Just refrigerate it for two hours before using, and you will get a beautiful, natural presentation plate for fruits and vegetables, cheeses, or desserts. Moist meals, when presented on the Himalayan salt block, take on a saltier flavor, while the drier food items look attractive enough to impress the guests.

How to cook on Himalayan salt Block?

It is not difficult to cook food using a salt block. Investing a little effort will allow you to prepare tasteful recipes on the block.

Heat your block carefully the first couple of times you use it. The trick to heating them is to do it gradually and in phases. The first few times of heating require gentle tempering and preparation to provide a lifetime of service.

Preparing the Himalayan salt block for cooking is as simple as putting it in the oven and gradually raising the temperature in 15-minute intervals until it reaches a very high temperature (usually 500 degrees).

However, you can also heat the block on a stove by putting it on a low flame for the first 15 minutes, then on a medium flame for the next 15 minutes, and then on  high for 15 more minutes. The final temperature of the block should be anywhere between 450 Degrees to 500 Degrees. You will follow the same heating pattern to heat the salt block when using a gas grill.

After heating the Himalayan salt block, just put the food on it to cook. Make sure you cut your meal into the right size pieces before serving. Food that cooks rapidly works best since the longer it sits on the block, the more salt it will absorb.

Himalayan salt block cooking benefits

The Himalayan pink salt cooking block is gaining popularity as a novel and fascinating way of cooking and presenting meals in the world. This natural salt adds excellent flavor to cuisine in a new and entertaining way! Not only do these colorful crystals make more interesting healthier, tastier meals, but they are also attractive to look !

If you have block of this miracle salt in your kitchen, you may use it for cooking or grilling. It will reap the flavor as well as give a variety of health advantages.

Benefits that you get by having this must-have natural health tool in your kitchen include

  • Food cooked on the Himalayan salt block cooks at the same rate, whether it’s in the precise center, a corner, or anywhere in between. That is due to the even heat distribution feature of the salt block.
  • As Himalayan salt contains a high nutritional content, when you cook your meal on a Himalayan Salt block, all of the nutrients of the block add to your meal. The recipe becomes healthier and nutritious.
  • The color of Himalayan salt is pinkish-orange. So when you present food over a salt block, this lovely hue makes your dish look more appealing and attractive.
  • With daily usage, the Himalayan Salt block dissolves over time. You can grind the large chunks of pink-hued salt left behind using a Grater. The ground salt can be used to enhance the taste of any meal.

Cure your food by using a Himalayan salt block

Himalayan salt is beneficial to human health because of its therapeutic and nutritional features. It meets all parameters for being a healthy salt. The pink salt is also suitable for food preservation due to its great antimicrobial qualities.

While cooking on a Himalayan pink salt block, your food remains safe from all kinds of germs due to the anti germ features of the salt.  The low porosity and moisture retention of the salt, creates a naturally germ-killing environment.

As they contain pure pink rock salt, the Himalayan salt blocks are brilliant for partially or fully curing foodstuff  like meat and fish. All living species, including bacteria, require moisture to thrive. Bacteria are the culprits behind food spoilage and food poisoning. Himalayan salt takes water out of foodstuff, leaving it dry with the prohibition of bacterial growth. We can say that salt kills almost all microorganisms.

Osmolarity occurs when there is a significant level of salt toxicity. To maintain a balanced concentration of the solute on both sides of the cell, water diffuses between the cell membranes. The differential in pressure between the two sides of the organism causes the bacteria to burst in a high salt environment. High levels of salt disrupt the internal functions of germs, causing DNA and enzymes to malfunction.

The salinity and anti-bacterial features of the block begin working when foodstuff comes in contact with it. It meaning your dish becomes rich in flavor with no growth of bacteria in it.

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