History of online slots

Online slots have been around since the start of the internet and there is a vast history behind the games. In the 1960’s after World War 2 slot machines became massively popular and we saw many gamers spend countless hours on the games.

Since then, we have seen loads of modern-day advancements that have improved the gameplay of slot games with 500 free spins and there has been an incline in the amount of people playing them.

The First slot machines

Charles Augustus Fay is a name to remember when considering the first slot machines and he is someone who would have greatly affected the industry. In 1887 – 1895 Charles is known to have invented the first slot machine. The inventor named his machine the Liberty Bell and he invented the reels and symbols that allow the system to operate.

The first company to create slot machines was Sittman and Pitt who released products in 1891. Sittman and Pitt’s machines would only cost a nickel to play and would be found in many bars across New York and the USA where the company was located. The original games would operate using playing cards as symbols and pay-outs would be determined with poker hands as winning combinations.

How the internet and modern technology is a milestone that affected the industry

The internet brought with it a new form of gambling, there was no longer any need to leave the comfort of your home to gamble on slot machines and this would revolutionize  the industry. After the 1990’s the world wide web was in full force and after this we have seen countless online casinos and gambling sites. This meant you would no longer have to travel to play slot games and sit on big machines, instead, you were able to involve yourself in the action from your home desktop or laptop.

Furthermore, advancements in computing meant that slot games could come up with ways to make their games fairer and safer from cheats. The RNG (random number generator) system that the games use to create numbers that you land on while playing, began to use a lot more numbers and it is now almost impossible to cheat this algorithm. These are some ways that the internet and modern technology is a milestone that affected the gambling industry.

Final thoughts on the history of online slots:

Online slots are fun and exhilarating games that millions play today. Being well thought-out and developed games, players will continue to enjoy them throughout the ages. Although gambling has been banned before and seen some ups and downs throughout the ages, it is a concept that has been around since even the dark ages. Online slots have been the predominant way to play slot games since the start of the internet and it seems like with a hand from the digital world, they will continue to be the success they are today.