Hosting with Waterford Crystal is the Ultimate in Luxury and Style

Hosting a luxury event is very different from your average dinner party as these events require greater attention to detail, higher quality items, and more planning.   Whether you are hosting a wedding, an anniversary party, or a charity event, added touches of luxury and style can make the party planning process feel overwhelming. To help you host an event that exudes luxury and WOWs guests, follow these tips:

Make your guest list first.

If you are excited about the event, it can be tempting to jump to the details like selecting a venue, food, and entertainment. However, when this is done before making the guest list, it can create unnecessary stress and more work down the road. So instead, before getting to the venue and food, make a rough list of everyone you want to invite, including significant others. This will give you an idea of the number of people who will be attending, which will be needed when finding an appropriate venue or getting a quote from a caterer.

Choose a theme. 

Consider your theme as your party’s brand. Your branding will set the tone for your party and create a cohesive style. Knowing your event with be luxurious and stylish is a great start and will help guide you, but you should also consider the color scheme and venue, ensuring they are complimentary. These details will be helpful with selecting your menu and hiring entertainment.

Select a venue that compliments your theme and fits your guest list. 

When picking your venue, there are two critical factors to consider: your theme and the number of guests. You can get creative with your venue, and with the right décor, you can make any space feel luxurious! For example, a rustic barn, garden, beachside restaurant, or golf course. Think of what décor you can add to the space and go from there. Additionally, you need to consider the number of guests. You don’t want a space that is too large or too small. It must feel intimate enough where guests feel comfortable and engaged, but people shouldn’t feel crowded.

Don’t underestimate the importance of great food.

Whether you are serving hors d’oeuvres or a 5-course meal, the food must match the aesthetic and feel of your event. As you can imagine, a grand event won’t have chips and dip or pigs in a blanket.

Your menu should be expertly planned. 

Hiring a reputable caterer with experience in fine dining and luxury events will help you plan the menu and ensure the food is delivered to guests appropriately, meaning at the right temperature and on the right dinnerware. Often a caterer will also provide trained waitstaff and may also make recommendations for wine pairings. If your budget allows for it, why not consider hiring a celebrity chef for the night? This will check the box for food as well as entertainment!

Hire entertainment that is suitable for all guests. 

Your entertainment should be classy and “on-brand” with your theme. There are many entertainment options, so feel free to think outside the box, like a magician, DJ, or even a fortune teller. To help capture these memories, you can also hire a photographer to take candid photos or a photo booth with props. When deciding on your entertainment, consider your guests. Who are they, and what would they like? Ensure it is age-appropriate and won’t be regarded as offensive.

Use high-class décor like crystal.

It’s all in the details, and using decorations like dollar store streamers, cardboard cut-outs, and balloons won’t give you luxury and style. Instead, decorations should include crystal like an elegant crystal vase with a beautiful floral arrangement or delicate Waterford Crystal stemware. Expert party planners know that these details create an impression for guests. By using crystal, you create an elegant atmosphere while simultaneously presenting beverages more desirably. Many sommeliers believe that wine should only be served in crystal as it allows the flavors of the wine to come through and won’t impact the taste.

Crystal is a must-have for a luxurious event, and when looking for the best, you’ll need Waterford Crystal. Waterford Crystal is known for its superior craftsmanship, high quality, and intrinsic designs – all of which will WOW guests. So, to help you create a luxurious atmosphere for your next event, we’ve selected must-have pieces that will bring style and luxury.  These items can be found at, an online retailer for Waterford Crystal goods like the ones listed below.

Waterford Crystal Lismore 12 oz Iced Beverage Glass

Even with a substantial wine list, you’ll still need to serve non-alcoholic beverages and water. A major party-planning faux pas is using small plastic cups for water. This will take away from the elegance of the event – and is not very environmentally friendly! Instead, use these Waterford Crystal 12 oz beverage glasses. They feature the infamous Lismore pattern, which will sparkle in the light. Like all Waterford products, these are hand-crafted, providing guests with the most luxurious quality glassware for soda, water, juice, and cocktails.

Waterford Crystal Lismore Salt & Pepper Shakers w/ Stainless Steel Caps

On each table, you will have salt and pepper shakers. These Waterford Crystal Lismore salt and pepper shakers have incredible clarity and brilliance, featuring diamond and wedge cuts. Topped with a stainless-steel cap, they are a luxurious addition to your table setting. This is a perfect example of those small details that can create that WOW factor you want.

Waterford Crystal Love Hearts 6″ Hand-Finished Vase

For luxury events, floral centerpieces are expected. An event-planner tip is to focus on the vase. You can spend hundreds of dollars on an arrangement, but if in a cheap vase it won’t look good. Instead, invest in a quality crystal vase that will make all flowers look luxurious. This Waterford Crystal 6-inch vase is perfect for a centerpiece as it is short enough to allow guests to see over it.

With Waterford Crystal, you will add luxury and style to any event you host. Made by hand and known for their superior craftsmanship and quality, these items can be used again for all your future events and hosting endeavors.