House remodel lessons we’ve learned from the pandemic

Most of us were trapped indoors at the outset of the corona virus pandemic, with plenty of time on our hands. During the lockdown, UK residents grew obsessed with house improvement, renovation, and do-it-yourself projects. Home renovations cost the average British household £4035.70. Since the lockdown began in March of this year, the total cost has risen to £55 billion. Get see more info here regarding all this.

Experts including estate agents in Sittingbourne say many people in the UK have taken advantage of their free time while in lockdown to give their homes some much-needed TLC. Holidays were cancelled, weddings were postponed, and bars and restaurants were shuttered, allowing many people to spend their savings elsewhere. Spending more time in our houses has altered our perceptions of these environments, determining what we can and cannot live with. Home offices, outdoor spaces, and general space-saving demands have risen dramatically, forever changing what we anticipate from our houses.

Renovation of a Home Office

Millions of UK workers were unable to return to their customary place of work as offices and business facilities were abruptly closed, forcing them to work from home. During the lockdown, 20 million people worked from home, increasing the need for home offices and studios.

In March last year, internet searches for “small offices” increased by 82 per cent, as homeowners sought a separate office area to separate their professional and personal lives. Home employees have reaped significant benefits as a result of this, including greater flexibility and less time and money spent commuting. It’s easy to see why so many individuals are looking to refurbish a permanent office space, with 60% of quarantined home-workers indicating they’ll continue to work from home more frequently in the future.

Taking advantage of the great outdoors

The garden is another popular home improvement project. In March, parks and public green areas were also closed, leaving many of us with little to no access to the outdoors. Garden upgrades became the most popular lockdown home renovation project, thanks to home restriction and the sunniest spring on record. Homeowners investing in permanent garden structures to adapt to the new normal in a post-pandemic environment witnessed a 147 per cent increase in time spent gardening during the lockdown.

Garden offices and studios are becoming more popular as people work from home and enjoy the great outdoors. Evergreen Garden Rooms and Living Spaces developed this garden room with our 3-pane bifold to bring the outdoors in and exploit the outdoors — creating a perfect independent office. During the lockdown, searches for “garden office” jumped by 72 per cent, with 13 per cent of us saying we’d invest in one in the future.

Future garden construction is being planned based on cultural shifts in how we regarded the outdoors during the lockdown. The majority of real estate agents (81%) believe that demand for homes with gardens or balconies will increase in the coming years. This is backed up by the fact that the majority of Britons say they would never live in a home without at least a small outside space.

Efficiency in Energy

Spending more time at home has resulted in higher energy expenditures for homeowners and renters, prompting a renewed focus on energy-saving home upgrades. According to Houzz, energy efficiency is a top objective for 40% of renovators. Many ecologically friendly home modifications were built during the lockdown, including solar panels, thermal insulation, and double and triple glazing. With the government’s Green Homes Grant set to take effect in September, these increases are only expected to increase.

Using natural light to reduce energy costs is also a fantastic method to save money. Lighting accounts for almost a third of a household’s energy bill in the United Kingdom. Homeowners may save money and lessen their carbon footprint by lighting their property with natural sources.

Bifolds and lift and slide doors, which are made with large panes of glass to maximise natural light and make a home more energy-efficient, have been popular among lockdown renovators.

A thermal block is installed in our double and triple glazed aluminium doors to increase and limit interior solar gain. There’s no better time to remodel your space and renovate your new normal home than now, with a wide range of bi-fold and patio doors designed to bring the outside in and maximise your living area.