LawHow a Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help

How a Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help

Among lawyers, a narrow specialization is adopted. There are lawyers in the family, corporate, criminal, international, land, tax law. Bankruptcy is a rather young industry in most places. An experienced lawyer can achieve a decision in your favor, even if the chances are low. Vohwinkel Law Firm has the best Bankruptcy lawyer in Las Vegas to handle your case. A bankruptcy lawyer will find a financial manager who is ready to take your side in the bankruptcy process.

Why you need a bankruptcy lawyer

In the process of individual bankruptcy, a lawyer will be required even at the stage of preparing an application. The speed of consideration of the case in the arbitration court and, in many respects, its results depend on the correctness of the preparation of each document.

You need a bankruptcy lawyer to:

  1. Study your situation and assess the prospects. Sometimes the start of the process should be postponed so that the deadlines for the possible cancellation of completed transactions have passed.
  2. Provide legal assistance in the formation of a set of documents, collection of certificates, financial statements.
  3. Take over representational functions, draw up an application, attach documents and send it to court.
  4. To select a candidate for an arbitration manager- without his participation in the process, the court will not give the case a move.
  5. Participate on your behalf in the upcoming procedures – a meeting of creditors, auctions, court hearings.

The financial (arbitration) manager receives a percentage of the property sold in the bankruptcy process. If you have nothing to pay on loans and nothing to sell, then you will have nothing to interest him with. Here, the participation of an experienced lawyer is very important, as he knows his colleagues and can find a specialist who will take on your case.

How to choose a personal bankruptcy lawyer?

The first step before starting bankruptcy is choosing a lawyer who will have to trust your fate. Temporarily, he will gain access to your documents, data on financial transactions, and property. Naturally, this cannot be a random person. His reputation must be checked.

During the first consultation, it is worth asking about the choice of a financial manager. You should not expect fabulous results, for example, the preservation of the mortgaged property. The main thing is to eventually achieve a complete write-off of debts.

Cost of a bankruptcy attorney

Unlike the work of a financial manager, the services of a personal bankruptcy lawyer are paid only after the successful completion of the case. However, there are situations where your costs can be reduced. Initial consultations, which allow you to get to know the company, are in many cases free of charge.

Analysis of your documents, drawing up tactics and defense strategies, representation in court, control of tenders, and other services are costly and require not only the payment of a lawyer but also the reimbursement of overhead costs.  Compare rates between different lawyers and choose one that is charging reasonably. Don’t forget to consider the quality of service offered.

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