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How can a Surgery for Your Injury increase your settlement offer in Atlanta?

Accidents are unexpected situations that may cause injury. If the damage is severe, you might need surgery. Vehicle injury law firm Atlanta can help you deal with legal things with ease. This blog will discuss how surgery for your injury can increase your settlement offer.

Strengthening the case

If your doctors suggest surgery for your injury, your lawyer can demand better compensation for you because surgery is something invasive hence a tricky thing. Your lawyer can demand higher based on the non-economic damages apart from the economic damages.

The type of surgery affects the claim value.

If the surgery is minor and you don’t need hospitalization, it would fetch comparatively lesser compensation. But if you have to undergo a highly invasive procedure that involves anaesthesia, you deserve to be paid higher. On top of that, if some irreversible damages will hamper your earning potential, you can indeed ask for higher compensation. A lawyer can guide you regarding this. 

Are you eligible to get the claim for the suffering even after the surgery?

Whether you will get the compensation for the pain you had to bear post-surgery depends on the type of insurance you have taken. Also, it depends on the evidence of pain. Keep in mind the following things to avoid any silly mistakes.

  • Don’t miss appointments: Medical documents are vital pieces of evidence—the words written by your doctor matter. The first thing that any insurance company would check is whether you have missed any meetings. If you have forgotten, the insurance company might assume that your sufferings are not as significant as you portray. In such a case, you can be in trouble.
  • Don’t hide any history of the previous injury: If you have got injured previously on the same site, you should not hide it because the insurance company will find it out by hook or crook, so it is better to be accurate and ask for what is reasonable.


It may be an overwhelming phase for you to deal with the pain and sufferings and, on top of that, file the insurance claim. But it will be best if you stay calm to make good decisions. Also, if required, you can consult a good lawyer to act on your behalf. Accidents are not the end of life, and yes, they are unfortunate situations, but you can overcome this. 

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