How do I Score 100 in Physics in the Class 12 Boards 2021?

Physics is one of the most interesting subjects. You must love this subject to score 100/100 (Well! that’s my personal view). Physics is one of the most important subjects of class 12th board exam as well as an important subject for various competitive exams such as JEE mains, JEE Advance, NEET, and many more. You need to do a lot of hard work as well as smart work to score 100/100 in class 12th board exam. Well! to be very honest, it is not easy. But, with a proper study plan, you can do this.  

Here are some tips for you that will help you to score 100/100 in Physics. 

  • Know the exam pattern and syllabus.

You must know the exam syllabus of the class 12th CBSE board exam. Go through the syllabus properly. Secondly, you must know the exam pattern. For example, the total marks for CBSE class 12th Physics board exam is 100 marks out of which 20 marks are for the practical exam. So, for theory, there are 80 marks. 

The question paper of Physic usually contains 4 types of questions, i.e., Very Short Answer Type Questions, Short Answer Type Question – I, Short Answer Type Question – II, and Long Answer Type Questions. Additionally, it is expected to get MCQ-type questions in CBSE class 12th Physics exam 2021. 

So, you must observe these patterns before starting your preparation.

  • Prepare a study plan

A study plan is a must. You must know the syllabus of Physic to prepare a study plan. You must prepare a study plan for every chapter. If you want to score 100/100 you must spend a considerable amount of time daily practicing Physics. Online study apps can also help you systematically in your preparations. 

  • Focus on concepts

You can’t just score a perfect 100 in Physics just by mugging up. You must focus on concepts of every topic of Physics. Try to understand the theory behind a concept. then, try to understand the derivation part. After that, go through its application part. It will help you to understand a concept more properly. However, your basics should be very strong to understand the class 12th Physics concepts. Additionally, you should know basic math, especially differentiation and integration. it will help you to understand the derivation part of the various formulas of Physics. And to score 100, you must know all these derivations. 

  • Make short notes and a list of formulas

Try to make short notes of various definitions and theories from every chapter. Don’t just copy-paste the theory while reading. First, you must understand the theory. Then, try to write it down using your own words. Making proper notes will help you to revise the chapters. Additionally, make a list of important formulas. Stick the list in front of the table and revise it regularly.  

  • Practice numerical

Numericals are an important part of the Physics lessons. Also, it contains a major portion of the marks in class 12th board exam. You must solve as much as numerical you can. Try to solve the numerical from the example portion first and understand it properly. It will help you to solve numerical from the exercise session. You must solve numerical problems from some standard reference books such as Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma.

  • Practice question papers

You must solve previous year’s question papers to understand the question pattern of the Physic exam. It will also help you to learn time management. Try to solve at least the last 10-year question papers.

  • Focus on practical classes

As I have already mentioned that your practical exam contains 20 marks. So, if you want to score 100/100, you have to score 20/20 in the practical exam. So, learn all the Physics practical properly.