TechnologyHow do you build the perfect gaming PC?

How do you build the perfect gaming PC?

When creating your gaming PC, the question of a fixed or portable PC necessarily arises. A desktop PC has many advantages, especially in terms of power and versatility. The components are also easier to install or change on this type of PC than on a gaming PC – something to consider if you plan to improve the performance of your PC.

The components, making the right choice

Choose your CASE

The true heart of the gaming PC, the tower is the cradle of computer components. The tower plays an essential role in gaming since it will have to be adapted to video games in terms of power. Graphics card, processor, hard drive, cooling: everything must be designed for long hours of gaming and demanding programs.

Choose your processor

The processor is the brain of your computer: it is it which will determine in particular the speed of your installation. When building a gaming PC, you have the choice of an Intel or AMD processor. Overall, an AMD processor is less expensive and provides a very decent price / quality ratio. If you want to access high performance, an Intel processor is recommended. For a perfect gaming PC, always make sure that the processor meets the minimum requirements required by the different games you plan to play. Ideally, look for a processor that can be overclocked (pushed beyond its original speed) to optimize its performance according to your needs.

Choose your motherboard

If the processor is the brain of your computer, the motherboard is its backbone. All of your components will be grafted onto it. Once you have defined your processor, it is important to choose a compatible motherboard: you can then turn to any motherboard that uses your processor sockets. If you choose an overclockable processor you also have to be careful that the motherboard is capable of it.

Choose your hard drive

There are two types of hard drives: the HDD and SSD. Faster, the SSD is also more expensive. In order to make your choice, it is therefore important to determine your budget: if it is large enough to choose a quality hard drive without forcing you to neglect other parts of the PC, turn to an SSD hard drive. Otherwise, an HDD hard drive will do just fine.

In general, opt for an HDD of 7200rpm (rotations per minute), for a speed in writing / reading amply sufficient. On the storage space side, a 1TB HDD is suitable for storing multiple games – there’s nothing stopping you from adding another hard drive later if needed. If you buy an SSD hard drive, a minimum size of 256 GB is ideal and sufficient to install the operating system, a few programs, and a few games. If your budget allows it, combine a 1TB HDD, which will be used for storing files and programs, with a 120GB SSD, which will allow your computer to boot faster.

Choose your graphics card

The graphics card must be suitable for the processor, but also for the configuration recommended for your favorite games. AMD and Nvidia are currently the two main manufacturers of graphics card chips. You may be more familiar with the product names, for example Nvidia has the GeForce range, that includes their popular RTX 3080 graphics card, and AMD has their popular Radeon range. Owners of a full HD full-size screen will get maximum performance in action games thanks to a high-end graphics card.

To recognize them, focus on the power of the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), it is he who will perform the calculations. The other criterion for choosing the graphics card is its memory: you will recognize its quality by comparing the type (G-DDR3, G-DDR-4…), the higher the number, the faster the card. If you want to improve the graphics performance of your gaming PC at a lower cost, you can combine two graphics cards: at Nvidia, this process is called SLI; at AMD, it is CrossFire. Warning: for an optimal operation of the combination, you must choose two similar graphics cards, and ensure the compatibility of the motherboard.

Choose your sound card

Most often, the  sound card  is integrated into the motherboard of a PC. However, if you want to build your gaming PC from A to Z, or replace a faulty sound card, it is possible to choose a suitable one for your computer.

The criterion of choice to remember: it must be compatible with your audio installation and your computer configuration. The resolution, expressed in bits, determines the sharpness of the sound. Sampling, expressed in Hertz, its richness. The higher the number, the better the sound.


Volatile memory of the gaming PC, RAM modules ensure the overall speed of the machine. To prevent the computer from running out of RAM and having to process data by the hard drive, 16 GB of RAM is ideal. If your budget is too tight, 8 GB of RAM is sufficient for gaming in the vast majority of cases.

For optimum efficiency, a frequency of 1600 MHz or higher is recommended for the RAM. In addition, the lower the CAS latency (column access time), the faster the memory will be.

The cooling system

Two main cooling systems exist for computers: air cooling or water cooling. To benefit from an optimal cooling system, if you switch to air cooling, you can install additional fans, in addition to the one that comes with the processor. The choice of a fan depends on its size and speed, but also on its noise level: two elements to take into account for an efficient and comfortable installation. To make your choice, look at the decibel / speed ratio. Water cooling, commonly known as  watercooling , uses water to cool the various components of the PC. This system has the advantage of being particularly efficient, but also quieter than air cooling.

Why buy PC Parts To assemble?

If you want to PC Zusammenstellen yourself without having to search for each component separately, the Mountable PC components are ideal. A PC kit contains all the components of a computer (motherboard, processor, hard drive, etc.), which must then be assembled yourself. Rather simple to set up, the do-it-yourself computer is available to any user interested in the assembly process.

How does it work?

Aimed at both experts and beginners, they are the ideal solution to update the components of your PC quickly and easily: these kits indeed contain components of the latest technology. This kit avoids the purchase of a new computer, and allows for example to transform a classic PC into a gaming PC at a lower cost.

Peripherals, not to be overlooked

In terms of gaming, it is quite possible to use standard peripherals. However, some peripherals are better suited to gaming than others, and provide more performance and convenience.

Choose your screen

To obtain optimal playing conditions, a 22 ” or 24 ” screen in 16: 9 format, with a definition of 1920 x 1080 pixels is recommended. The response time and the refresh rate are also to be taken into account: they are the ones that define the fluidity of the image. Generally speaking, a response time of 5 ms and a frequency of 60 Hz is sufficient to play comfortably.

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Choose your mouse

A gaming mouse must above all be ergonomic, in order to ensure optimal comfort for the player for several hours at a time. The importance of the pilots should not be overlooked: thanks to them, the settings can be more precise. To be able to adjust the mouse according to its use, be sure to choose a mouse for which you can adjust the weight, but also the precision.

Choose your keyboard

A gaming keyboard is more ergonomic and more intuitive than a traditional keyboard. The gamer keyboard generally offers additional programmable keys, but also interfaces for communication with teammates. In addition, a keyboard intended for video games can sometimes have an on-board memory which makes it possible to record the profile of each player. Finally, the backlight of a keyboard makes it easier to play in the dark.

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