How Does Vape Technology Actually Work?


Vape technology actually covers a wide range of products nowadays, such as nicotine vapes, nicotine-free vapes and vapes with other various herbal-based components as well. They all mostly work the same exact way, and they are all descendents of the old e-cigarette concept that arose in the early 2000’s. They are vastly superior to those old products, nicotine and nicotine-free vapes in particular having vastly superior juice as well as engineering compared to their ancestors.

We can’t know, currently, whether or not vaping is harmless. Probably nothing can ever be truly harmless, but we aren’t particularly expecting any long-term health complications across the board from the active ingredients and the in active ingredient in vape juice.

You see, smoke is made out of ash and carcinogenic compounds created as a byproduct of combustion. These are what’s bad for you, the non-inflammable oils actually being more or less harmless. Following that point, while nicotine is vilified, its real problem is mainly just it’s addictive nature. While certainly bad for minors and people with various respiratory and heart conditions, other than its addictive nature, it’s not that harmful in the small doses present in smoking products.

Now, the glycerin compound which is the inactive ingredient does pretty much nothing. This is usually vegetable oil or propylene glycol, things that don’t interact with the human body at all for the most part. The flavoring is equally regulated by food safety regulations and is therefore also considered harmless. There hasn’t been enough time to predict whether or not there could be long-term effects from any of this, but nobody’s really expecting there to be.

Advantages to this technology are that it doesn’t produce secondhand smoke, ash, odors or anything like that. It is also safer because it isn’t something on fire, reducing real fire risks and hazards present with smoking. Unfortunately, while it doesn’t produce actual smoke, use of it is band pretty much anywhere smoking is, for the sake of fairness and simplicity.

Other advantages that come with not burning the solution are the ability to create all kinds of unique and complex flavor profiles that would not survive combustion. This results in vapes with flavors ranging from various fruity combinations to candy, confectionery baked goods, sodas, gums and various synthetic tobacco flavors just to name a few.

This paper is cooler, moister and less irritating as well, adding a more soothing and effervescent sensation. For those who used to be menthol smokers like myself, any type of flavor that has ice in the label is going to provide a stronger cooler sensation, very satisfying if not identical to the menthol sensation of actual tobacco smoke.

So, this technology works pretty simply, and it’s just a refined and further innovated version of the technology use in E cigarettes all those years ago. The difference is that this juice is vastly superior. If you are interested in a healthier lifestyle without giving up what you love, Shosha Australia is your one-stop online shop for the best products out there like vaporesso Australia or vaporesso.