HealthHow Gabapentinhelp with Alcohol Use Disorder?

How Gabapentinhelp with Alcohol Use Disorder?

Gabapentin is considered a healthy medicine to take if you use it as recommended. However, this medication may have possibly hazardous interactions with other chemicals, such as alcohol.  In some cases, these interactions can arise from medical emergencies. If you are taking gabapentin, It’s essential to comprehend why you should stop mixing this medication with alcohol.

Drinking alcohol while taking the prescribed gabapentin causes dizziness, sleepiness, and trouble focusing. Patients are suggested to reduce alcohol or restrict the use of alcohol while taking this medicine, due to the possibility of these side effects.  

Keep your physician aware of your alcohol use and any prescription and non-prescription medications you are taking while you are taking gabapentin, and notify any side effects you may encounter.

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Mixing Gabapentin And Alcohol

Gabapentin may only induce you to experience a few mild side effects, particularly when you first begin taking it. Even if you experience short-term side effects that are not extreme, you must be conscious of how alcohol consumption can alter this. 

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When you drink alcohol while taking gabapentin,  you have a greater risk of enduring increased or stronger side effects. In some situations, this can give rise to hazardous situations, such as becoming incredibly drowsy while driving.

Keep in view that both gabapentin and alcohol are also linked with changes in mental state and cognitive function. Mixing these substances might lead to extreme alterations in mood or poor decision-making. 

You may also be in danger of having life-threatening medical emergencies by blending alcohol and gabapentin. For instance, both trigger your breathing to become slower. It could cause your breathing to become severely slow by mixing these substances, putting your life in danger.

Gabapentin and Alcohol Use Disorder

Due to the role that GABA receptors perform in alcohol use disorder, scientists chose to examine the theory that gabapentin can treat alcohol addiction. 

Barbara Mason, Ph.D., and coworkers at the Scripps Research Institute for Addiction in California carried out 12-week research on 150 men and women with alcohol dependency. 

The results of the study showed that gabapentin helps with abstinence and relieves symptoms associated with relapse, such as insomnia and anxiety associated with alcohol use disorder. 

Only 9% of patients detoxing from alcohol get prescribed the drug. 

Why, then, isn’t this drug used to cure alcohol dependence more often?

Dangers Of Combining Alcohol And Gabapentin

A combination of alcohol and gabapentin may lead to the following side effects and probably make them more severe: 



Nausea With or without vomiting 

Problems with coordination 



Diarrhea or constipation 

Cognitive problems, such as confusion 


Although the side effects of gabapentin alone may only be short term and moderate, when you consume alcohol, they can become much more intense. You should avoid alcohol while taking gabapentin, particularly if you have experienced side effects.


Your overall health is one thing you most probably take severely. Let’s look at that a little more in-depth. It begins when your doctor recommends a medication such as gabapentin to cure or relieve a medical condition. 

You’re certainly leaving the office, heading out to the pharmacy to get your medication, and returning to the activities of your day.

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