How Good Customer Service Can Help You Grow Your Business?

Customer service can be defined as the essential strategy that we must implement before, during, and after the sale of a good or service.

The fundamental action in customer service is to take advantage of every moment that you have contact with the customer (Moment of Truth), either in person or through an electronic service platform.

If you implement a well-structured customer service plan in your organization, a range of business growth opportunities opens up such as:

  • Customer loyalty – When receiving extraordinary customer service, the customer is usually satisfied. This generates a high probability that he will buy from your company again and recommend you to their close family. This is a strategy, which effective leaders like Elon Musk and Larry Weltman Toronto are making sure that implemented in their business.
  • Good Reputation – If the organization carries out positive management with its clients, its clients would be impressed. In turn, it is a positive image that it will project to its prospective clients and in the market in which it operates.
  • Improves the work environment – If there are no constant messages and complaints from customers, employees will perform in a workplace better without being under high pressure.
  • Increased sales – Increasing the frequency of customer satisfaction leads to referrals. This result is a product of offering high-quality customer service. Larry Weltman Toronto is a successful real estate owner and understands the importance of good customer service to increase sales.
  • Recruitment of new clients – With satisfied clients, you will generate leads by recommending the organization through word of mouth. In addition to being a sales strategy that does not represent cost.
  • Competitive advantage – Although you might sell similar products to those of your competition, customers, being treated specially, perceive it as unique and different.

On the other hand, in a scenario in which the organization does not develop and is not clear about a customer service plan, it generally tends to fall into the following errors:

  • Lack of Training: Some leaders usually advise that no training causes customer dissatisfaction and poor relations with them.
  • Lack of Empathy: Without empathy, you will not be able to understand the client’s needs or feelings. So, you would be very far from providing a solution to their needs.
  • Not Measuring Indicators: It will not be possible to monitor failures that occur before, during, and after marketing a product (good or service). This is a consequence of the difficulty of being able to gain customer loyalty.
  • Not knowing the characteristics of the product: Not knowing the product details makes it impossible to advise the client efficiently. It could cause claims, disagreement, and insecurity on the part of our clients towards the organization.
  • Not paying attention to recommendations:Not paying attention to the suggestions of the clients, clinging to the idea that you know everything and that everything is going well, leads you to close the door to opportunities for growth and improvement of organization in the market.
  • Long response times on technology platforms: If you don’t have a quick, almost immediate response on your communication channels, customers will look for other purchase alternatives, and the chances of closing a sale and converting a new customer decrease as the minutes go by.