How good is MBA plus ACCA combination


The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is among the most prominent degree that is globally accepted and recognized. This accountancy body has nearly 500,000 members in around 170 countries, which makes it highly popular.

Earning an ACCA degree holds a lot of value and can openup many new job possibilities for you. This is because the ACCA qualification is proof that you have all the required knowledge and skills needed to undertake the financial and managerial aspects of the business.

While this qualification will be immensely useful in helping you get ahead in your career, you can enhance your skill set even more with an MBA program. A Master of Business Administration or MBA is a business degree that has been around for a long time and continues to dominate the educational landscape.

The business learning offered by MBA, combined with the financial knowledge gained by ACCA, will make you a skilled professional capable of essaying various important roles.


Many professionals opt for an MBA with ACCA for several reasons. The main factor is the business acumen that is gained by combining these two professional degrees together. By studying a combination of the two you will be able to accelerate your career, get access to new opportunities and even transition into a new industry.

While ACCA is largely focused on the accounting aspect of things giving you in-depth knowledge of the sector, MBA covers various key elements of accounting, economics, finance, and marketing.

If you are looking to combine your ACCA degree with the MBA, then here are a few reasons why you should consider it.

Reasons to study ACCA with MBA

The business landscape is going through a lot of changes and it is important that you have the adequate knowledge and skill set to thrive in this competitive market. An ACCA with an MBA goes a long way in ensuring that you enjoy stability and success in your career due to the following reasons.

Allows you to gain mastery in this sector 

One of the main factors that make this combination so popular is that you can gain complete mastery in the field of finance and management with these two degrees. This allows you to navigate through the business industry easily and also carry out all job responsibilities that come with higher job roles effortlessly. These degrees cover various core subjects and different aspects of finance which makes them a suitable option for anyone looking for career progression.

Better job prospects 

An ACCA opens you up to global job prospects as this degree is valued in various countries. The same goes for MBA which is an equally popular and prestigious degree that is recognized everywhere. With both these degrees, you can showcase that you possess skills relevant to two in-demand sectors. Along with finance, you are also equipped for roles in leadership and management. This combined acumen broadens your horizon and makes you capable of pursuing various different job roles.

Better salary 

Another benefit that you will get by combing your ACCA degree with an MBA is that you will be able to earn a better pay package. Brands are willing to pay more money to those who have expertise and knowledge in different domains.