NewsHow interior 3D renderings can help a designer in a project presentation

How interior 3D renderings can help a designer in a project presentation

There are some systems used by designers for the application of Virtual reality. Using this system it is possible to display your 3D design in virtual reality at full size. This includes, for example; buildings, interior renderings, machine lines and artwork. You are able to view the 3D model from all sides and even walk through and around it.
On the one hand this is a fantastic experience and the other is a very powerful tool designs to perfect or continue presenting, for example, your customer. The 3d system is set up portable and at any location to places such as at your office. It is also an excellent means of attracting the public to your stand, for example at a trade fair.
Here, we are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Virtual Reality presentation of your product

Watch the video on the right to see the options for presenting your product or idea. In this video we show a virtual space developed by us, in which the presentation of, for example, a machine can take place. You can then walk around “virtually” as if it were reality.

Interior and architecture firms melbourne design using Virtual Reality

When you have made an interior 3d rendering or a design for a home or business premises, it is possible to walk through it in Virtual Reality using the 3D model.

In contrast to existing VR tours, which use 360-degree renders or photos and where you navigate from point to point, this method allows you to imagine yourself in space, where you get a realistic picture of, for example, dimensions, arrangement of furniture, etc. Using the 3d technology, you are free to move around the entire model using the controllers, viewing every aspect of the scandinavian interior design singapore.

Because this environment is programmed, the possibilities are endless. This includes adding light accents, animations such as a fireplace and interaction with furniture. By interacting with furniture, it is possible to move the furniture in the Virtual Reality environment and thus adapt the design to your wishes in real time.

Besides being a very powerful functional tool, it also provides a fantastic experience for both the designer and the customer!

3d Models

3D models from various design software are suitable for this. In the event that the model cannot be used directly, it is in most cases not possible to fit the model, using software such as 3ds Max.

So, as a company you have to stay innovative by constantly coming up with new solutions to meet the demands of your customers.

Whether it comes to 3D printing, or a presentation, for example Virtual or Augmented reality it all starts with a 3D model.
We can help you by creating or editing a 3d design in the professional CAD software. The basis of the 3D design can be, for example, an idea or a sketch or an already existing part, which must be copied or scanned, for example.

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