How is Technological Advancement Changing the Future of Dentistry?

Technology is now evolving at a breakneck pace, and this is why every industry has to make frequent changes to how they are incorporating technology in their operations. Being outdated in terms of technology means being left out from the tough race of competition, and the same can be said for dentistry. 

In the upcoming years, the dental field is expected to show strong growth because the technological solutions used in dentistry are improving and becoming highly effective, especially in the area of oral maxillofacial surgery and dental implant. 

So, let’s talk about how technology will shape the future of dentistry and understand the role of every technological solution through this blog post. 

Teledentistry is making dental services more accessible

Virtual care delivery, or what is more popularly known as teledentistry, is spreading like wildfire, especially in the current situation where everyone is confined to their houses because of COVID-19. 

Because of teledentistry, dentists can widen their reach instead of just relying on the footfall in their clinic. Dentists can provide faster and more streamlined care delivery while ensuring optimal safety for all patients. 

Moreover, patients are missing less on their routine checkups since teledentistry is being delivered directly to their homes. This is preventing dental issues from worsening, and it is also reducing the patient’s no-show rates. So, it’s a win-win situation for both patients and dentists. 

AI algorithms improving the chances of finding the best treatment modality 

AI is another technological solution that is leaving a significant impact on every industry, including dentistry. The innovations happening in the field of AI have caught pace in the last couple of decades, and the improvements can be felt even in dentistry. 

Although AI is being used in dental care in various ways, the two most common applications of AI in the dental field are Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). The fruitful ANN application is being used to detect patterns in data, and then the insights gathered are being used to teach machines and improve their recognition ability.

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While on the other side, CNNs are being used to analyze non-textual data and image diagnostics. 

Use of integrated software solutions 

The healthcare industry has accepted digitization with alacrity and but still, there are many dentists out there using different tools for different purposes like billing, scheduling appointments, recording medical history.  

This approach limits dentists’ ability to give their 100% since they are already bogged down with too much work. The only way to deal with this issue is to use integrated software solutions where dentists get everything under one roof. 

Making the most of SEO 

Digitization for dentists means using integrated software solutions, but it also means utilizing SEO by hiring a dental SEO expert. Now, dentists are flocking to digital marketing and hiring a dental SEO expert to improve their digital presence. 

This is helping dentists to widen their reach as reaching potential customers through the digital platform is proving to be much easier and cost-effective. Just hiring a dental clinic Toronto SEO expert and setting the right goals can do the job for dentists. 

Technology will play a key role in deciding how dentists are going to reach customers, treat patients, and widen reach. Keeping tabs on the latest digital solution is no longer an option for dentists; instead, it has become necessary. To get the best results, dentists have to incorporate the latest technology while ensuring a seamless shift. 

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