AllHow to Avoid Vaper’s Tongue

How to Avoid Vaper’s Tongue

If you were enjoying your favourite e-liquid and then you suddenly find out you can’t taste it anymore, you might be suffering from vaper’s tongue. The most appealing aspect of vaping, especially to beginners, is the wide range of flavours. Vaper’s tongue can take away the fun part of vaping. It can go up to two weeks, which is why it’s essential to find ways to avoid it in the first place. Read on to find out how you can avoid vaper’s tongue.

1. Switch Flavours

One way to avoid the vape tongue is switching up flavours. Chances are, once you find your favourite e-liquid flavour, you will stick to it and buy the same product every time. But if you don’t want to damage your taste buds and lose the sense of taste, consider changing it one in a while. There are hundreds if not thousands of flavours available out there; it can be fun exploring them if you give it a chance. That doesn’t mean you should abandon your favourite flavour; you can keep coming back to it after trying others. Some vapers find switching to unflavoured options can also be helpful.

2. Hydration

Dehydration is one of the causes of vaper’s tongues. Upping your water intake is another way of avoiding the condition. You shouldn’t wait until your vape juice starts tasting off before you begin drinking a lot of water. Once you start vaping, hydration should be part of the plan. Keep your water bottle close if you don’t want your mouth to go dry and cause the vaper’s tongue. Drinking water will help avoid loss of taste, but it’s also the best thing you can do for your overall health.

3. Space Out Your Vaping

In the same way, chain-smoking leads to loss of smell and taste, chain vaping will also have similar effects. Spacing out your vaping session will help you avoid losing taste. If you find it difficult to space out, consider increasing the nicotine strength in your e-liquids. The nicotine salts e-juice is also known for providing long-lasting effects. It will keep your cravings at bay for a long time, and you won’t have to inhale the vape regularly. If adding your nicotine strength is not an option, or if you don’t use e-liquids with nicotine, you will have to practice self-restraint.

4. Stop Smoking

Vaping and smoking at the same time will only increase the chances of vaper’s tongue. If you vape and smoke occasionally, consider switching to vaping alone. Even though the damage to your taste buds is not permanent, it will be very frustrating. The other way to avoid the negative effect is to quit smoking entirely and concentrate on vaping. But you should also avoid chain-vaping; when you stop smoking cigarettes, find an e-liquid with enough nicotine to sustain you for a long time. Staying away from smoking will give your taste buds a chance to heal, and in no time, your vape juice flavours will be back to normal.

5. Cut Alcohol and Caffeine Consumption

As you know, dehydration is a cause of the vaper’s tongue that’s why you have to drink a lot of water. Other drinks like alcohol can have the opposite effect. Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks have a dehydrating effect. If you consume a lot of these beverages, the chances of losing your taste will be very high. To avoid having the dry mouth effect, you need to cut down on these drinks and focus on water.

6. Clean Your Tongue

Oral hygiene is very crucial for vapers. Most people who have suffered from vaper’s tongue are said to feel as if there is a thick coating or layer on their tongues. Cleaning your tongue every day is a way of getting rid of the flavour-blocking coating. Tongue scraping is not only a preventative measure; you can also do it when you are experiencing a loss of taste. Oral hygiene, in general, should be a priority if you are into vaping. It will also help you avoid any teeth decolouration and stains.


To avoid vaper’s tongue, try some of these tips. You should consider unflavoured e-liquids or switching up different flavours. Hydration is also essential, and as you up your water intake, you should reduce caffeine and alcohol intake. All these, plus oral hygiene and quitting smoking, will ensure you don’t damage your taste buds.


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