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How To Be Frugal With Cannabis

Being frugal is a good way to make your money last longer. In today’s day and age where everything costs money, expenses can quickly add up before you know it.

I am fortunate to be living with my parents, where I can pay cheaper rent compared to if I rented outside with a landlord.

It is just not easy when prices for goods go up every single year. How can people even afford to buy a place to call home?

This is why if you like smoking cannabis, you also need to be frugal with your money. Our article will teach you some ways to maximize the use of your marijuana products, and help you save money.

However, if you are seriously looking for affordable weed, I would recommend this Canadian online weed store. I have bought a few times from this place and especially like their nuken strain because it was really potent and tasty.

Anyway, here are some tips I learned that will help you be frugal with spending money on cannabis.


By setting a budget on how much you can spend on marijuana without going broke, it just makes for a good financial situation.

Credit card debts can lead to high interest and it will really make you broke for a long long time. It takes much longer to pay off these kinds of debt and you will always be stuck.

Never spend more than you have. Take this advice in whatever you do and you will have an amazing life.

Plan it Out

By planning out which days and time you want to smoke, you can really budget each smoking session accordingly.

If you don’t do this, you may finish your cannabis stash sooner than you want to. Luckily for you, there are many dispensaries if you live in Canada that sell great edibles like THC gummies offer same day delivery. This does not mean they sacrifice only quality, they still have premium products! You just got to do some digging online!

Buy In Bulk Quantities

If you really want to save money on cannabis, buying in bulk is your best bet.

Do you see how grocery stores offer more discounts the more you buy? I usually shop at Walmart and they always tempt me with their buy 2 for a cheaper price option.

When I was buying milk and they offered this kind of discount, it was a no brainer to buy two since I would drink it anyway.

However, the bad side of this is that sometimes you will not finish the extra items you bought and it will expire.

Similarly, when you buy more cannabis at one time, you will get a better pricing per gram for your strains or products. It’s the same with cannabis seeds, if you buy larger quantities
from resellers like Zamnesia, you’ll get a better price, and you’ll be
able to grow a lot more cannabis yourself.

Just remember to store them in air-tight containers so they last longer.

Additionally, most dispensaries also offer free shipping if you order over a certain price. So you should take advantage of that too!

Trust me, when I buy my Canadian edibles online. Buying in bulk saves me about $50 each time I do it. This does not mean I was getting bad cannabis. In fact, all my edible products are among the highest quality!

Don’t Smoke All Day

Limit yourself to only smoking a certain time each day. By having self control, you can make your cannabis last much longer.

It is the same way with any kind of food. By savoring small chunks at a time, you can use it for more times.

If you just want to smoke everything in one night, you have to spend more the next day to get more again.

Smoke Less Joints 

Smoking joints will use up more cannabis than you think. It is best used in a friend gathering setting where many people can use the same joint.

To save more of  your cannabis, consider using vape tools or a bong.

If you really insist on using paper to roll up a joint, do a spliff instead. With this method, you will use less cannabis than joints (this is because you will end up mixing cannabis with tobacco in a spliff).


Being frugal should not be seen in a bad light. Even saving an extra $50 a month can go a long way for some people!

Hopefully these tips will help you be more frugal with cannabis. I know it certainly helped me save money after doing them for the last few months.

Which of these methods do you think can be applied to your daily marijuana use? 

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