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How to Care for Someone with Alzheimer’s at Home?

Most doctors and nurses agree on one fact when it comes to taking care of Alzheimer’s patients –it is important to maintain familiarity with everyday activities and surroundings. As the condition advances, and the memory of the patient deteriorates, providing proper care for the patient in the comfort of their own home –if possible, become a wise option.

While some individuals might consider hiring some care-giving professional or agency for support, there are others who decide taking care of the loved one on a full-time basis. Whatever might be the situation, there are several advanced devices as well as home health care equipment for proper assistance. These devices can help in making the overall ordeal of setting up your home for the Alzheimer’s patient a seamless process.

  • Home Hospital Beds: You can go for ensuring the option of hospital bed rental services to avail the benefits of home hospital beds. These beds are suitable for offering a higher level of comfort as well as safety for the patient. During earlier stages of the disease, when the overall sense of time and memory get compromised, the side rails of the bed through hospital bed rental  services can prevent the patient from going around or hurting themselves.

For patients who are at a later stage of the disease, a home hospital bed can be a great solution. As the overall ability to walk properly gets compromised, the home-based hospital bed rental can help in offering a versatile and comfortable surface for them to lie down and take rest. The adjustable height settings of the bed are great for helping a patient to get on & off the bed.

  • Bath Lift: A fully electric bathing system or surface can be positioned inside the bathtub. The given system is ideal for patients who are not into motion significantly and require help when it comes to being lifted up or lowered into the bathtub. With convenient tilt controls and height, bath lifts can help in easing the overall experience of the caregiver. At the same time, it also helps in offering extra comfort to the patients.
  • Transport Chair: People suffering from Alzheimer’s are frequently expected to pay a visit to the doctor. As such, a transport chair can be a great device for facilitating the quick trips. Unlike the standard wheelchair, the transport chair comes with 4 small-sized wheels. As such, the caregiver is in control of propelling the patient. With the overall lightweight construction and convenient foot brakes, they can also be easily stored in the back of the car.
  • Rolling Commode: People having Alzheimer’s have significant difficulty in toileting on a daily basis. In such a scenario, a rolling commode becomes an integral option to make life easier for them. The commode is available with wheels and is equipped with a toilet sit as well as a removable bucket.

Caring for the loved ones having Alzheimer’s disease is not easy. As such, medical devices or equipment can help you in the caring process.

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