How to Choose a Holster for your Low-Profile Needs?


When you are choosing the right holster, there are some things that you must consider. Your body shape & size can play a very important role in deciding which choices are the simplest to conceal, and how much they are comfortable to carry. Your gun frame size is equally important to consider. With many single stack pistols out there, concealed carrying today has become simple to accomplish in recent years. Having the right gun holster can allow you to conceal the weapon easily in a way that’s easy and comfortable to access. But, without the best holster, carrying your pistol will become a big hassle that you often neglect to hold. So consider buying your holsters from We The People Holsters for all types of your pistols.

In this post, we are going to cover everything you want to know when it comes to the best holsters out there, which includes the holster types available and which are the best for different situations, and select the right holster that suits your style.

Choosing the Right Holster 

Companies will produce the holster that accompanies the gun model that you have, however, if you are looking out for something a bit more accommodating, you will get plenty of options out there! Once again, if you plan to wear clothing, which is lightweight, with no belt loops, or unsupportive of the gun’s weight, the belt-mounted holster won’t work in such a condition. For this, you have to try the following available options:

  • Specialty holsters –Such types of holsters are built-in purses. These holsters are fitted aligning your sternum & fit between the rib cage, it is generally on a side & under the arm. Your purse is going to have a side compartment —generally lockable — where your gun can fit easily.
  • Ready-to-wear gun holsters –The clothing pieces have a holster built in them, and are found in the tank tops and spandex shorts, which you wear under the clothing. Such clothing pieces can fit very snugly to your body and can support your gun weight rightly, whereas remaining hidden within your clothing.
  • Mid-section holster –The mid-section holster type can be referred to as the corset or belly band. This kind of holster fits over the midsection as well as is adjustable for an ideal fit. They are as unassuming as flesh and elastic colored, to lacy and ornate. These are comfortably worn below the pants and also come with many compartments.

Which Holster to Select?

At an end of the day, the holster you select comes down to the situations and preferences you are carrying the firearm. You need to consider 3 qualities that the holster must exhibit – comfort, concealment, as well as speed of draw – so decide which qualities are very important for you. The matter of sizing will be related to the kind of firearm that you plan to holster. It’s very important to note the kind of gun you store is one of the most deciding factors. Most holsters are made to house many same-sized weapons with complete ease, that is not to say any type of holster is one size that fits everyone. For example, you will not holster .45 in the same size gun holster as the Glock as it will leave gaps & will not be much secure. Most of the holsters can specify which kinds of guns are compatible with their design that will help you to narrow down its sizing & firearm factor of selecting the holster.

Find the Right Materials

The next thing to consider is a matter of material and construction. Most of the holsters are made from thermoplastic or leather. Each one has got unique benefits & drawbacks. The leather holster is more expensive, however, it lasts a bit longer than the plastic as it does not get warped by the heat of getting left in the car. It provides an amazing fit, which contours to your body with time for the comfortable holster selection. But, thermoplastic holsters have got their benefits, as well. It will give a better and tighter grip, particularly around the areas like the trigger guard, or offers click-in-place security in the majority of the models for the added ease and peace of mind.