How to choose jewelry for a woman?


Ring, bracelet, pendant: what is the ideal jewel to offer to a woman?

If there is a gift that will always delight a woman , it is a beautiful piece of jewelry. And we are not necessarily talking about an overpriced ring, but quite simply a jewel which, well chosen, will show her your love for her, something timeless and which can be worn on any occasion.

With which jewel to celebrate a birthday?

Women love to celebrate their birthday with dignity. If a small dinner by candlelight alone is always recommended, what about the gift?

To celebrate this day, you can opt for a bracelet or a necklace . These are simple accessories to choose from. In both cases, choose something quite discreet, in silver or rose gold for example. Some jewels are embellished with some color details that can be magnificent, especially in blue, black or burgundy tones.

The bracelet should not be chosen too thin, the necklace rather chosen long. The fashion, currently, is for multi-turn bracelets and necklaces (several bracelets/necklaces in one).

Regarding the necklace, the choice is vast, from the diamond pendant to the religious medals, passing by the more whimsical Wholesale Jewelry jewel. A piece of advice, all the same: avoid hearts or patterns that are too “romantic” . Prefer something more basic and timeless, even the sign “infinity” if that speaks to you.

What gift for Christmas morning?

Christmas tree, garland, delicious family meal, champagne… There is always something magical about Christmas. Giving a piece of jewelery is the guarantee of seeing stars in a woman’s eyes when she opens her gift.

For this end-of-year celebration, you can opt for a beautiful pair of earrings from Adina Eden . Depending on age, a woman under 35 will prefer hanging curls (but not too much), playing on the material, colors and shapes, while a woman over 35 (we caricature a little, obviously) will prefer the elegance of stones worn closer to the lobe.

Little tip: some brands offer earring boxes in the form of Christmas balls, to hide in the tree! Guaranteed effect for the most original of gift ideas.

And for a wedding anniversary?

“Diamonds are a woman’s best friend,” sang Marilyn Monroe in her film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. After years of being married, an anniversary is the perfect opportunity to show your wife how much she means to you: a new wedding ring or a diamond ring will be the best proof of love. You can find the ideal diamond solitaire on this online jewelry store .

If you are not obliged to choose a diamond, a ring is on the other hand a perfect gift to celebrate a wedding anniversary, because it can be carried by hand every day. Stone rings are very popular with women, whether it is a white or colored stone.

The ring should not be too thin, as this enlarges the finger. The same goes for the stone, which should not be too small: prefer a ring without a stone rather than a jewel with a stone that is too small.

So, do you really think there is a better gift than a piece of jewelry? On any occasion, he always pleases a woman. Try to observe what she is already wearing, the colors she particularly likes, the shapes…

For example, some women swear by the color silver while others clearly prefer gold. Take the time to find something in her style that she will love, and you can be sure she will appreciate her gift.