NewsHow to convert Youtube to mp3 with our tool

How to convert Youtube to mp3 with our tool

We are in the internet age where everything can be achieved through an easy do it yourself process. The coming of YouTube has brought about a revolution in music and you can now easily convert youtube to mp3. Our focus will be on how you can easily download to your desktop without facing any hitch.

The process can be achieved in easy steps. We shall take you by the hands and show you what to do in order to achieve the desired results. It is advised that you ensure that the internet connection that you are trusting is strong enough to see you through the process. This will shorten the download time.

The first thing to do is to open youtube link on your browser. It will direct you to the YouTube home page. However, if the video that you intended to download is age-gated; then you need to be logged into YouTube. 

YouTube expects you to search for the video that you wanted to download among the numerous options that they have available on their channel. By clicking on the search bar at the top of your Youtube page; you will get the opportunity to type in the name of the video that you intended to download. You can now click on the enter button.

The next action to be taken is to click on the video that is your target in the process of convert youtube to mp3. The video will be opened and you will have access to listen to the music tunes. It should be noted here that playlist addresses are not compatible with online converters. It is mandatory to find a version that is not in your playlist. This will make the process of conversion possible.

Once you are satisfied with the delivery of the tune of the video; you can now copy the address of the video. This is done by clicking the address bar and press on the crt+c command. In the event that the address did not highlight; double click on the address. Alternatively, you can drag your mouse across the entire address. 

MP3 converter site: The next thing to do at this point in time is to open the MP3 converter site. You can access this by going to on your browser. You can then add the video address here. Begin by clicking the first field at the top of the converter page. Go on and click on the crt+v icon. This will enable you to paste the video’s address.

The conversion process: There is a green button near the bottom of the page labeled start. Click on this button and you are going to effectively begin the process of the conversion to an MP3 file. You have to wait for several minutes for the process to complete.

The prompt: After some minutes of the wait; you are going to get a prompt to download the converted file. You can now click on the icon. It is a green button that appears on the screen immediately after the files finished their downloading process. The waiting period for the download to complete is dependent on two factors. The length of the file you wish to download and the strength of your server.

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