How to download and install Tiktok on PC


Tiktok is probably one of the most used app worldwide right now. With over 1 billion download Tiktok have over 250 million active users daily. This short video streaming app took the internet by storm with the wide audience range from teens to adults now a day everybody is on Tiktok. For those of you who are not on Tiktok let me give you a brief tour of this app.

Short Video streaming app:

Tiktok is a short video streaming app with videos ranging in time duration from 30 seconds to 1 minute. The idea of short videos was basically started from Vine which was among the parent apps of Tiktok. Vine creators use to make short videos and become overnight famous if their video will become viral one day. Later on Vine was shut down and many of the creators shift on other video streaming platforms like YouTube. Then there come musically. This was the parent app of Tiktok. Musically was transformed into Tiktok and then it became famous. Musically also gained a lot of attention back in those days but Tiktok out do musically with its amazing features. Along with musically many of the apps with such features like Dubsmash became famous but they all die out.

Make a video:

If you want to be one of the Tiktok creators and become famous or you want to make short video on Tiktok then you can do it. The app comes with tons of funny and amazing filters plus you can lip sync to songs and sounds or you can act. The most famous genre of Tiktok that became escalating famous is Tiktok dances. Tiktok creators use to choreographed their own dance routine and then challenge other people to do such dances. There are many Tiktok creators but Charlie demillio who is not even 18 is the most followed person on the app with over 100 million followers. Many of the people who became famous on Tiktok have bagged massive Hollywood tickets.

Apply filters:

You can apply as many filters that you can to make your video according to what you want to share with the world. As the audience range and numbers are massive on this app so many of the brands and actors have their own Tiktok accounts.

Share it with world or make it private:

You can share your masterpieces either with the world or you can keep them hidden under your profile as long as your profile isn’t setup to public.

Scroll it all the way:

The interface of this app is very simple its scroll down and keep on scrolling until you reach the end which in case of for you page is not possible. What is for you page? For anybody who is already a Tiktok addict will know the spiral of for you page. Sometimes it’s so addictive that you will keep on seeing the for you page Tiktok for hours. For you page is the section that shows you apps depending on the taste of your following or by your phone preferences and searches.

Shoot directly with your camera:

For Tiktok you can shoot directly with your camera and then apply different filters on it. The editing and applying filters in this app are very premium but this app as a whole is totally free. You download it free and then install it free. Most of the time and already edited video outsourced can be posted from the app by using the gallery option.

Duet and connect with others:

Tiktok is not just a video app but it also let people to connect. Let’s say if one your favorite creator has made a Tiktok that you absolutely love. You can connect with them by making a duet to their video or you can share it to others. You can also text in app. This is a built in feature.

Download the videos:

If you like any Tiktok video you can download these videos by hold pressing it and then save it but there will be Tiktok username watermark on the video.

So this was the basic guideline and the basic features of this app and if you follow it you can easily understand how Tiktok works.

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