TravelHow to Encourage a Love of Travel in Young Children

How to Encourage a Love of Travel in Young Children

Do you have a love and passion for traveling? Are you hoping that you can create that same love of travel in your young child? Being able to vacation and explore the world as a family is a special experience and something that many want to be able to enjoy. So, before you jump in and book the first trip, here are some simple ways you can start to encourage a love of travel in young children so they look forward to holidays as much as you do.

Get Them a Computer for Research and Exploring

Because you want to encourage young children to explore through research, a new family computer can be a great tool. You’ll be able to show them photos and videos of different locations and attractions, read interesting information with them, and help bring these various holiday destinations to life. You can check out sites such as for some ideal options for kids and the whole family.

Watch Movies That Highlight Other Countries and Cultures

You can also get into the habit of watching family-friendly movies that highlight different countries and cultures. There are plenty of family-friendly animated movies that use exotic locations as the backdrop. A few movies that come to mind include Rio, Moana, Madagascar, Coco, Ratatouille and The Lion King.

Start Out with Small Trips and Mini-Holidays

You can also ease your young child into traveling by starting with small trips or mini-holidays. This could be a road trip to a nearby city/town so they get a feel for staying in a hotel, eating in restaurants, and exploring new sites. After a couple of these small trips, their comfort level will increase significantly.

Choose Family-Friendly Destinations

Finally, when it comes to booking the trip it’s important to pick family-friendly destinations. That means a destination that has accommodations, amenities, conveniences, attractions, activities and sites that would appeal not just to adults but also to kids. You don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of booking a holiday that leaves a bad taste in their mouth. You want to leave them wanting more, which is why a family destination is important.

If you’re having a hard time narrowing down the options, try using a travel agent that specializes in family travel. They will be able to offer inside tips that you may otherwise not know about.

Ask for Their Input When Planning a Holiday

Speaking of planning your holiday, why not ask for their input? If your child feels like they have been included and are involved, they will likely be a lot more excited about the trip. Maybe there is a particular destination they have been reading and learning about, an attraction they are drawn to, or a specific activity that a country is known for.

When you encourage a love of travel in young children the beautiful thing is that it’s a passion that will stick with them throughout their life, pushing them to learn as much as they can about the world through exploration.

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