TechnologyHow to Enhance Digital Right Management using IP Geolocation?

How to Enhance Digital Right Management using IP Geolocation?

The issue of copyright protection poses a severe threat to online streaming service providers trying to meet the audience’s demand through music, movies, software, and books. But this threat is not regarding the existence of such service providers; instead it is related to being profitable. 

The increasing piracy on the digital platform is eating away at the profits of online streaming service providers. With the number of people visiting the media pirates sites reaching 300 billion, this has become the biggest challenge for streaming service providers. 

To tackle this issue, such service providers are now turning to Digital Right Management using IP geolocation. Through this blog post, we will learn more about DRM and how it can be enhanced using IP geolocation like IP address to country API. 

What is DRM?

DRM is the best copyright protection tool that minimizes the amount of copyrighted material stolen, illegally distributed, and copied on the digital platform. The two concepts used in DRM are encryption program integration. 

How is IP geolocation being used to enhance DRM?

The use of IP geolocation like IP address to country API in DRM is a non-invasive method of filtering the users based on their IP address before giving them any kind of access to the available content. There are various methods of integrating IP geolocation with DRM. 

The most popular method is feeding IP geolocation data directly in the program for counter checking before providing any type of access. Another method for integrating readily available IP geolocation is incorporating the IP geolocation API directly into the DRM solution for quick IP address verification. 

It doesn’t matter which type of integration method is used for IP geolocation; it constantly improves DMR since it doesn’t require the user to provide any kind of personal information for accessing the copyrighted content. 

Netflix is one of the best examples of how online streaming service providers can enhance the DRM by integrating IP geolocation databases. In this method, the IP geolocation integration helps in determining a consumer’s physical location. 

In addition to protecting the copyrighted content by using IP geolocation integration, Netflix uses the same integration to provide content to the users based on their location. This is why the shows shown to an American user are not the same as that of an Indian user. 

How can you enhance DRM with IP geolocation integration?

You will need to use IP geolocation database services where you will get millions of IPv4 and IPv6 records of different countries, and it will cover more than 90% of the users all over the world. Every record of the IP geolocation contains vital information like country, time zone, postal code, city, and much more. DB-IP is one of the best resources for a business looking to leverage the advantages of IP geolocation database services.

In DRM implementation, the IP geolocation database will play a crucial role since it is updated weekly. So by using the IP geolocation database, all the online streaming service providers can;

  • Impose restrictions on the content based on IP address. 
  • Limit the number of times any type of content can be accessed based on IP address
  • Block all the users who try to access the content anonymously
  • Block all the peer-to-peer site operators and all other unwanted users

The online streaming service industry might be booming with the influx in demand for such services, but still, there are many challenges such service providers have to face. Solutions like IP geolocation with DRM are helping such service providers to overcome those challenges and fully exploit the rising market.

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