In the modern age, the apple app store and google play store grow by thousands of apps every day. Mobile app development is one of the popular procedures of creating software, and it continues to evolve with the increased popularity of mobile and tablet use. As such many enterprises and companies are developing apps to take advantage of this trend.

However, mobile app development is not a walk in the park. If anything, it takes the NYC app developers a thoughtful, step-by-step strategy to develop the best breed of apps. In the realm of mobile app development, businesses are competing in a saturated space of the app market, which is why an accurately refined app development process is essential.

Although having a mobile app for your business unlocks new growth potential, an app’s success is closely linked with user retention and longevity. True success is not estimated by the number of downloads your app gets once you launch it. In fact, a quarter of users are bound to abandon an app after a single-use. It is all about user retention and app longevity. That said, here are some tips to ensure your app retains users.

A simplified user experience

Maybe you have a lot in store on your app for your users, but that doesn’t mean your user must know all about it in the first visit. As such, try to ensure that your app is not complicated to use. You should only display what is important and start from there as it is easier for a user to stay on an easy-to-use app.

Seamless onboarding

You should be happy when you get a download. However, it is only fair that the app guides the user during their first session. You can achieve that by ensuring it is simple, straight to the point, and easy to follow.

Optimize for social media sharing

There is increasing use of social media in the digital age. Everyone wants to share something on social media. One of the ways to increase app retention rate is to optimize it for social media use. Make it possible for users to share information on social media via your app.

Take advantage of push notifications.

Another way to increase app retention rate is to leverage push notifications. But ensure the right balance of helpful and relevant push notifications to remind users that the app exists and is ready for use.

Consistently make app improvements.

A mobile app is never finished. Engage new York app developers who can guarantee quality app updates to make the app trendy and bugless.

Leverage on custom in-app messaging

Personalized in-app messaging allows you to engage your customers. You can apply it when the user is using the app, depending on the user’s intent.

Provide incentives

Incentives such as promos and discounts are a great way to retain users on your app. Effective reward systems attract users, retain them and make them feel valued.


The application of these strategies can improve your app’s retention rate. However, you have to measure the success rates of the app and how the users are responding to the features to enhance its performance.