One cannot stress enough the need for nurses in a hospital. The world recently witnessed how healthcare workers fought day and night to keep the system running and realized their contribution to society. According to a recently published article by ABC News, the American healthcare system is on the brink of collapse due to the shortage of healthcare staff. The country is still in need of skilled doctors and nurses. One running a hospital or nursing home is always looking for ways to employ nurses to help the patients with the medical care they deserve. Continue reading this article to find out how to get qualified nurses for your establishment.

Craft an Advertisement: What to do when you want to hire an efficient employee? Well! Create an advert, of course. Now, the goal is to be as specific as possible. If you want the best nurses to come to your hospital, you must let them know what the job role entails. The job description must provide a title, job role, required qualification, responsibilities, and further specialization. If you want a nurse with experience in childcare, you must provide that information in the advert so that people with prior experience in that field will willingly mention that in their resume.

  • In addition to stating what you want, you must address the why of it all. Why do you need a nurse? And why should a nurse consider joining the establishment? These things must be mentioned in the advertisement to attract the attention of potential candidates.
  • Once the advertisement is crafted, it is time to publish the same through varied channels. It is advisable to use both print media and digital platforms to further the ad so that more and more people can see the same.

Ask For Referrals: The nurses already working in your hospital are a great source of more nurses. Ask the nurses to recommend more nurses to apply for the empty posts. Or you can ask them to provide the hiring authority with the numbers of their former colleagues. Let someone follow through with the numbers to arrange an interview if possible. Now, it is likely that not every person phoned is willing to work for your establishment; maybe they already have a job they like, or maybe they can’t join right away. But when one makes these calls, he must ask the persons on the other side of the phone to provide call numbers of qualified nurses if they know any. In this way, you will have a long list of nurses who might just fit the job profile.

Attend Events: Seminars and events are great ways to meet nurses and other healthcare professionals. Maybe there is a workshop happening that would attract a lot of healthcare professionals. People from your hospital team can participate in the program or be there mingling with the crowd. Visiting events is a great way to reach potential candidates who can be part of your team. One may even take note of the engaged participants and contact them after the event to see if they are a right fit for the establishment.

Revisit Old Files: Maybe some candidates applied for the nursing post previously but were somehow not hired. Revisit the old resumes and call them up to find out if they are still interested to take the job. Once you complete the interview process, it is time to do some background screening. Just because you are in need of nurses doesn’t mean you will hire people without conducting a background check on the said candidates. There are different nursing tests a candidate should pass in order to be a licensed nurse. For example, the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) license is required before joining a hospital as a nurse. Fortunately, many legal firms conduct BRN license verification of each candidate to provide the establishment with official data. The certification and licensing are vital aspects that need checking before hiring an individual. The background checks also ensure a clean overall record of each candidate.