How to Find Movie Theaters Near You That has the Best Experience


We all love watching movies on the big screen in cinemas. And having a great experience at the theatre makes it even more memorable. If you live in cities like Chandigarh and Mumbai, then you are just too lucky. Chandigarh and Mumbai are two places that will always make sure that your movie experiences are memorable. Everything from recliner chairs to good food, everything you will get at one stop. If you are considering movie ticket booking at any of these places, you can simply search Google and book your experience with any of the theatres that you like. Open Google and type in movie ticket booking in mumbai or movie tickets Chandigarh. It will show you a list where you can choose from a variety of showtimes near you. But it’s always recommended to consider a few points before you decide which one to go for and finalize it for your experience.

Points to consider while booking a movie at movie theaters near you.

Lag space that is comfortable

You must check that there is enough lag space because you will be sitting there for at least 2 hours. Select a space where you can comfortably sit and enjoy your movie. If you are going with someone elderly or pregnant lady, then you must consider that the theatre in which you buy movie tickets has extra lag space.

The distance between the big screen and the first row

If you book movie ticket online in movie theatres near you then consider this point. There should be a good space between the big screen and the first row. If there is less space you may end up with neck pain and the whole fun of watching the movie will be lost. It will also continuously disturb your mind and distract it from the movie. Remember to check the space beforehand.

Working of the ac

Many times, the temperature of the theatre is warmer too cold for anyone to it inside and enjoys the movie. Sometimes the ac doesn’t work properly at the theatre. Check if the ac is working properly beforehand so that you are not irritated while you enjoy your movie.


We all love having food while we watch a movie. While you book your movie ticket, food becomes an important factor to be considered. Consider checking the food quality they serve at the theatre. What are the options they have? What are the prices and the quantity of the food being served? Most importantly, check whether it’s hygienic or not. You don’t want to make yourself sick at the theatre. Also, check if other people just keep moving here and there for food in between the movies, or if they just go at the time of intermission, so that you are not disturbed while watching your movie.

Sound and screen quality

For a theatre experience to be good, the quality of sound should be appropriate. Check if it’s too loud, too light, or just fine. The screen must be comfortable for the you so that your eyes are hurt or you don’t get pain in your head after the movie.


Keeping all these things in mind, you can buy movie tickets or book movie ticket online for your movie. At PVR cinemas, they provide you with an extremely comfortable experience while you watch your movie. Do consider it while choosing showtimes near you at the movie theatres near you.

Every theatre has its own speciality through which they want to make your experience memorable. Choose wisely according to your preference. Consider the points mentioned in the post for a great experience at the movie theatre before movie ticket booking.