How to Find the Perfect Lipstick for Your Skin Tone?

Women are very picky when it comes down to picking up the right makeup combination, and this is why it takes a lot of time for every woman to apply makeup and choose the right makeup combination. But the most challenging part of selecting an impeccable blend of makeup is picking the right lipstick. 

Choosing the correct type of lipstick might be an easy task, but the real challenge begins when women choose the right color of lipstick. Different women have different choices, but there are some basic rules that every woman can follow to find the perfect lipstick according to their skin tone. 

Before beginning with the details of how to choose a perfect lipstick for your skin tone, here is a quick tip that you can use. 

Quick Tip 

A quick tip that you can use to find the best lipstick according to your skin tone is to apply the lipstick on your lips after dividing the lips into four different sections. Then start applying the lipstick once on every side from the top side to the right, beginning from the center and then going to the corner, then on the left, and then repeat the same process on the bottom lips. 

If you want to make your shopping a helpful experience and fun, then you can apply two different types of lipstick on each side and don’t shy away from asking for help from the makeup artists in the shop. 

Choosing the right lipstick while buying online 

For buying the correct type of lipstick while shopping online, you first need to determine which kind of undertone and skin tone you have. Lip color varies according to skin tones, and therefore, first, choosing the skin tone and undertone is necessary for buying the best matte lipstick. 

Always try to avoid colors that have the same pigment as your skin undertone. 

Understanding your skin tone and undertone 

Following are the categories used to describe the skin tone and undertone 

  • Fair/Light- For such a skin tone, it is necessary to stick with something fairer, peach, or pink. 
  • Medium/Tan– Women with medium skin tone can go for something greenish, yellowish or they can also choose rosy red. 
  • Deep/Black– The best matte lipstick for people with deep or black skin tone is reddish or yellow as it suits the dark skin tone. 
  • Dark/Brown- If you have a dark or brown skin tone, you can make your lips look more beautiful by choosing yellow, reddish, or even blue lipstick. 
  • Rosacea- If your skin tone is rosacea, you must stay away from all those lipsticks with peachy or red undertones. It is necessary because using red lipstick on rosacea skin tone will make the red areas look more noticeable.

Undertones are classified into three categories

  • Neutral – For such an undertone, you should go with a mix of cool and warm
  • Warm- Warm undertone goes perfectly with peachy, golden, and yellow lipstick.  
  • Cool- For a cool undertone, you need to choose between pink, red, and sometimes blueish shades of lipsticks. 

A vast majority of women think that choosing the right type of lipstick according to their skin tone is an arduous task, but that’s not true. You can divide your lips into four sections and test different lipsticks while buying from a physical store. And in the case of online shopping, you need to determine your specific skin tone and undertone as this will be enough to choose the right lipstick color.