How to gain followers on Instagram?


One of the ways to promote your business on this platform is to have a large and engaged audience but how to gain Followers Gallery on Instagram? Although the number of entrepreneurs who use the social network does not stop growing, it is still difficult to increase your audience, especially if you are starting now.

To help you on this mission, we’ve separated many tips to gain followers on Instagram that work! But before we begin, we need to warn you that we are not going to present any magic formulas. All our tips will require dedication and work to give results.

Why do I need to gain followers on Instagram?

One of the main reasons you want to gain followers on Instagram is to increase your brand’s reach. The more people who have access to your social networks, the greater the audience that follows your business. Consequently, the greater the chance of making more sales, as this audience already has an interest in your content. However, with the algorithm changes of social networks, it becomes increasingly difficult to send your content to all the people who follow you. And if you want to reach a new audience, this task is even more difficult, unless you invest in sponsored content.

This is because these tools try to increasingly segment the content sent to each user, in order to prioritize what seems to be most suitable for each person according to their tastes. With these algorithm updates, getting more engagement on your social networks has been hard work. However, some other updates are positive and may be helpful for you to use them to your advantage to gain new followers.

Top Instagram Updates

Before we introduce you to the new features that the social network has introduced this year, let’s do a little retrospective and recall the new features that Instagram launched in 2021:

  •         Publishing the same content on multiple accounts (IOS only);
  •         Question sticker to answer during lives;
  •         Countdown Sticker;
  •         IGTV video preview sharing in the feed;
  •         Instagram Music;
  •         Number of likes hidden;
  •         Creation of custom filters by any user;
  •         Scheduling posts and videos on IGTV by Studio Creation

Instagram news in 2021

Already in 2021 Instagram launched several new features. If you’re the type of person who tends to get the most out of the platform, you’re sure to use them all. Below, you can check all the features that Instagram presented in 2021:

Reels, the “TikTok” of Instagram

Instagram is always connected to the biggest trends on the internet. And proof of this was the launch of Reels, a response to the TikTok phenomenon. The new feature lets you create short videos, up to 1 minute long, and enjoy a huge catalog of editing effects and background music.

  •         Change the video speed;
  •         Trigger a timer or countdown;
  •         Insert soundtrack;
  •         Use filters and visual effects;
  •         Cut and add new scenes.

Product purchases directly in the app

It is not new that many entrepreneurs use Instagram to sell. And now the app allows consumers to shop on Instagram Shopping directly through the app. Brands can insert small tags into photos of their products so that consumers can purchase without leaving the publication. Posts that support the feature are flagged with a shopping bag icon at the bottom left. Just tap on the tag to check the main product information. In addition, it is now also possible to insert purchase tags in the post caption. By clicking on the tag, the user is taken to the product’s purchase page.

Start of monetization tests for IG contents

A feature much awaited by content creators began testing this year: the monetization of IGTV videos. You can also comprar seguidores no Instagram easily by clicking on this highlighted link.

So far, there are two ways to monetize videos:ads and badges. In the case of ads, when a user views a video in the feed and decides to watch the full content on IGTV, they’ll see a 15-second ad, which they can ignore. It is similar to YouTube ads. The badges, in turn, will allow users to purchase a kind of virtual badge that will be displayed in front of their names. Also, your comments will appear prominently.

Templates in Create Stories mode

This new feature brought a series of fun templates and templates to edit and use when posting Stories on the social network. Among the options that Instagram started to offer are: pizza lists, favorite songs, drawing challenge, recommendations, quote of the day and many others. This ensures more variety when creating content to engage the audience, especially for businesses that do not yet have a professional dedicated to producing creative for Instagram, such as a designer.