AllHow to have great chances of winning when playing the French roulette

How to have great chances of winning when playing the French roulette

Most people nowadays want to have all their favorite services on their smartphones and tablets. Probably that’s the main reason why the applications that bookmakers release tend to be so popular. This is definitely the case with the Parimatch mobile app. As we will discuss here, there are many great reasons to download it. Even those who are not members yet of the Parimatch community, probably will feel compelled to obtain it and sign up after reading the points that we will present here.

A wide range of activities and features are available from this place. Many people have decided to start using the Parimatch casino and enjoy its multitude of winning opportunities. A game that can be particularly attractive is the French roulette. This online casino features the three main variations of roulette, which are the American, European, and French ones, here we will speak a bit about the main aspects to consider before playing the latter variation.

How to have great chances of winning when playing the French roulette

To the untrained eye, all roulette variations tend to look the same, however, there can be some substantial differences between the American, European and French variations. This means that an expert in European or American roulette won’t automatically be an expert on the French variation. Let’s review five of the unique opportunities and aspects about this game that people should understand:

  • Voisins du Zero. This is a french expression that can be translated as “neighbours of zero”. It is the name of a specific kind of bet that is available only on the French roulette. Basically, making this bet means going clockwise from the number 22 until zero on the roulette. The numbers between zero clockwise until 25 are also featured in this play. Here the predefined bet size is 9 chips, and when looking at those numbers on the table, it mixes splits and corner bets.
  • Le Tiers du Cylindre. This is another french expression that means “Thirds of the Wheel”. In this bet players choose 12 numbers that are opposite to the number zero, which go from 27 clockwise until 33. When looking at the table, this specific kind of wager includes 6 split bets that obviously cover all the selected numbers.
  • Orphelines. This is the French word for orphan, and it is basically another type of bet that doesn’t include any of the numbers featured in the previous examples. There are 9 numbers in total featured in this wager. A single chip is placed on the number one, while four other chips are placed as splits between numbers 6 and 9, 14 and 17, 17 and 20, and 31 and 34. As it can be seen, the number 17 is covered twice in this case.
  • Different bets have different odds. This statement is quite obvious. However, it is always a good idea to explore the math of these wagers a little further. For example, in all cases the house has an edge of 2,7%. Also, of all the aforementioned wagers, the Voisins du Zero has the best chances of winning with 45,9. However, it is also the most risky, since it requires most chips.
  • There is only one zero in the European roulette. The main difference between the French and American roulettes is that the latter has a zero (0) and a double zero (00). 

Summarizing, there are many interesting aspects about the French Roulette. There is no better place to experience it than Parimatch.

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