How to know which online casinos are safe

Everybody, from the high street small fry punting their pennies on the roulette wheel to the big fish in Las Vegas going all-in on a pair of pocket aces, knows that the thrill of gambling is not like any other.

It can be easy, therefore, to get lost in the igaming and fun and begin to lose sight of the safety of your online casino experience. We know it sounds boring and we do not want to tell you to put your bike helmet on while riding a bicycle, but, remaining safe while playing in an online casino is more important than you could ever imagine.

We are here to guide you through what makes online casinos and how to identify which ones are so that you can get past the security and head straight to your favourite pay by mobile slots seat that seems to bring you all the riches!

What are the signs that indicate if an online casino is safe or not?

Fortunately, for those igamers who might not be so concerned with the safety of the online casino, it can be very easy to find an indication of a safe, or unsafe, site. Check out these key signs to be able to tell if you are gambling on a secure site, once you know that you are then you are on your own to start winning those jackpots!

  •  Licensing – This is an important component to safe online betting because if a site has been approved by a legitimate licenser then it is safely regulated and your account and money are accountable by law. Go to the page’s info and find the body that has licensed your online casino site, then conduct a short online search to see if they are any good!
  • Payment and Banking – You may have even come across a dodgy banking page yourself before. If the payment page looks alien to you, has methods of payment that you do not recognise, or is asking you to enter details that you do not feel you should give, then the site may not be safe and you should not give them your details.
  • Trust – A well-seasoned igamer like you knows what a legitimate casino site looks like, and if the attributes give your gut a feeling of doubt then it is not worth you risking your money and personal details!

How important is safety when playing on online casinos?

Some of you may be thinking that online safety is a myth because if it is online, surely it has been approved by a legitimate body?

Unfortunately, this is not true because the internet is still a wild west that cannot be tamed and has allowed for lots of dodgy websites to be uploaded to it. If you are having doubts about the safety of your online casino site then go through this checklist:

  1.     Do you trust the look of it?
  2.     Is it properly licensed?
  3.     Are the payment methods genuine or abnormal?