How To Make The Perfect Lead Magnet To Build Your Email List


Email marketing has immense potential when executed well, however, before you can even think about getting started, first you actually need an email list to start marketing to.

The good news is, we’re about to teach you how to make the perfect lead magnet to build your email list so you can get started as quickly as possible. Here’s what you need to know…

What does the perfect lead magnet look like?

A lead magnet, as the name suggests, is a feature on your website that “attracts” leads. The ideal example of this is a free eBook that can be claimed in exchange for an email address.

So, let’s take a marketing agency as an example. On their website, they could offer a free eBook that looks something like this: “The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Small Businesses in 2023”; or “Essential Tips to Get Your e-Commerce Business Up and Running.”

Anyone who visits their website but isn’t quite ready to invest in them may be more inclined to claim this awesome, free information. After all, they might be able to learn some actionable insights into how they can work on their own digital marketing.

Following that, they enter their email address, sign up to the mailing list, and claim their free information.

Here’s how to make the perfect lead magnet

In creating the perfect lead magnet for your website, here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Understand the purpose behind it: in truth, a quality lead magnet should effectively serve two functions.
  • Enter people into your email list: the information you provide needs to be so attractive that most of your website visitors will find it too good to resist – which is when they invariably claim theirs and join your mailing list. Following that, you can filter them into your email nurturing funnel, whereby you continue to send them high-value information via email, including various offers and promotions in an attempt to convert them into loyal, paying customers.
  • Convert people through your eBook: the secondary function of your eBook is to convert your readers with a CTA at the end of it. The fact is, your eBook should be packed full with industry expert information. This is where you give away all of your secrets and demonstrate your authority in your field. All going well, some people will read right through to the end and find a clear CTA. Something along the lines of: “If you think we’re awesome and want our help click here” (only, waaay better).
  • Know what your audience wants:  the next step is to think about what your audience really wants. What are their biggest fears and concerns? This eBook is your perfect opportunity to demonstrate that you not only understand them inside and out, but that you have tons of high-value information that they can benefit from. Find that and build your eBook around it.
  • Don’t skimp on copy & design work: just because it’s a free eBook it doesn’t mean that you should skimp on quality. After all, whether it’s free or not it is still a reflection of your brand and business. As such, you should hire a gifted copy writer and a separate graphic designer to put together a stunning eBook that both reads wonderfully and looks the part.
  • Share the juice: don’t hold back on the industry expertise either. Your eBook should be packed full of high-value information that can be used by your prospects should they decide to. Don’t panic! You aren’t going to lose business this way. In fact, it ultimately works in your favour because you demonstrate just how much work is involved – while simultaneously proving that you are the business to help them with it.

Final thoughts: Lead with value

So, let’s have a quick recap:

  • Understand why
  • Know what your audience wants
  • Go all out on sales copy & design
  • Share the industry secrets

If you do this and lead with immense value, those who don’t immediately convert into business will still be far more likely to trust your authority after some well-strategized email marketing.