How to Make Your Party Extra Memorable

Good parties come and go, but great ones live on forever in the memories of those who were there. Want your next event to be immortalized in the halls of legend? Follow these four simple steps so your place in Valhalla is assured. One of the most sought after private party venues Newcastle.

Put on a Show

Bringing up Spotify on your phone and plugging it into some speaks does not count as a show. Neither does putting in a DVD or showing off your collection of celebrity chest hairs (seriously, though, when did you meet Charlie Sheen?). Parties are supposed to be fun, and fun means entertainment.

Live entertainment, preferably. Get a local band to crank up their amps and blow out your eardrums. Hire a choreographer to prepare a dance routine that will make you wish you still owned a pair of parachute pants. Find a naked chainsaw juggler with good accident insurance lots of Band-Aids. Whatever you do, just make sure your guests aren’t bored.

Jazz Up the Menu

If there’s one thing party guests love more than entertainment is food. That bunch of freeloaders will eat you out of house and home if you let them. Protect your private stash of teeth-rotting goodies by putting together a selection of appetizers and entrées that belong on a Food Network show.

Unless you’re Gordon Ramsay, your best bet here is to hire a caterer. They can cook meals you can’t even pronounce, and they know what will really please a crowd. To really make an impression, don’t skimp on the food budget; request the strangest and/or most decadent offerings available. With any luck, you’ll have enough leftovers to feed yourself for a month.

Find a Cool Locale

I hate to break it to you, but all your friends and family have been over your house a hundred times now and, yes, they did notice that creepy stain on the rug. Before you go ahead and book the nearest fire hall, though, allow me to make a suggestion: find someplace cool to host your party.

Is that old closed-down theater that everyone thinks is haunted available for rent? How about that pavilion with the great view of that one waterfall? Did you hear about that hotel shaped like a giant dog in Idaho? Whether you go weird, extravagant, spooky, or classy, the more unique the venue, the more memories you’re sure to make.

Give Out Souvenirs

Like the popularity of fidget spinners, memories often fade away quickly. Do you know what doesn’t fade away? Physical, tangible objects. Of course, I’m talking about souvenirs. Swag bags. Gifts. Prizes. Give your guests something to go home with and you’ve given them an unforgettable memento.

Make Interesting Decorations

If you need to impress your friends at the party, adding some decorations would be a plus. The most important aspect of party decorating is having a theme and knowing who will be attending. You could purchase or make your own decor. You can also borrow decor from other people’s parties and style it in a way that gives their items your own unique spin. You can add some tablecloth linens, centerpieces, streamers, etc. to  take your party to the next level.

What you choose to give out depends largely on your guests, the kind of party you’re throwing, and what you can afford. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive though. Sometimes the simplest souvenirs work the best. Rent a photo booth that your friends can take big, goofy group photos in, then print off copies for everyone. Use your imagination. Or ignore everything I’ve said and just give them gold bars. They won’t forget that!