How To Overcome Your Creativity Stifling Habits as a Developer  

Whether it is a new piece of software, a new dev tool, new framework, or a new operating system, take the time to poke around and get your hands dirty with whatever it is.

Learning has no end in itself. You can learn from anything which exists in this universe. Being a website developer, you know how the market is saturated with competition, and you are letting no stone unturned to stay afloat. 

Web development in 2022 is like a constantly evolving game. Just a blink of an eye and you will miss the new trends. So, the question is how could you decide where to spend most of your time? As there are new libraries, frameworks and languages appearing almost every day, you can mix your learning and implement the same accordingly. 

Still not able to overcome the constraint? We got you covered. 

Set your time

In between your busy work schedule, take some time to dive deep and learn new things. It will help to keep your skills sharp and knowledge fresh. By upgrading yourself with relevant knowledge you could gain the momentum to reach dizzying heights within a stipulated time. 

According to a tech evangelist, “Block some time on your calendar to learn new things. It may be reading an article, going to an activity, or trying some new activity related to technology. Even if it’s just 10 minutes in a day, learn something new that resonates with your skill.

Be curious 

Frustrated just because of daily work pressure? Think this way- the life of web developers isn’t boring at all, as you get the opportunities to work with new tools every day. If you are compassionate and curious enough about what you are doing now, all of the constraints will seem small. You need to be more agile with new information. Once you get information about anything new, jot it down for future reference. 

Make sure your curiosity is at its peak in terms of learning new things. Therefore, you will be closer to the knowledge trove that is very much essential to expand your horizons. For example, you are developing a WordPress website. As per the client’s requirement, you need to change the theme. Why shouldn’t you try adding a Dark mode UI on the website? You may not know the process initially. However, there are a plethora of tutorials where you can accumulate knowledge. The result will be two-fold- first, the client may be overwhelmed with the new thing implemented on the website. On the other hand, you get the opportunity to learn a new thing that opens up more possibilities. 

Go for online courses 

There are various online courses like Udemy, Shaw academy, Linkedin, Coursera where you can learn free or low-cost courses to keep your tech skills always updated. The instructors of these courses have years of extensive knowledge, which can help you to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, the lessons and the notes will give you theoretical knowledge after the completion of each module. 

Expand your network 

Connecting with the industry professionals and maintaining the relationship for the same will help you accumulate more knowledge on your niche. Here communication plays a pivotal part that would build a conduit between you and the professionals. “Generally, I invite people who have sound knowledge in technology and who can guide me across the right path. Luckily, there are some people in the network with whom I can discuss the nitty-gritty of technology”, said Ashmit, working as a web developer in an IT company based in Australia. 

Attend local events and conferences 

Are you underscoring the importance of local events? Do you have a preconceived notion that these events are only good for casual conversation? You need to think about it again. Local events could serve you as a ready reckoner of recent technological developments and you can consider the same as knowledge trove. Being a web developer, you need to take help from various sources when any issue arises. On that note, the orators of the local events and the conferences may have the answer to your questions. 

After the breakdown of the COVID pandemic, it may not be possible to attend the events physically. Instead, you can join the meetings virtually if there is an option. Video meetings platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Skype could be used for hosting events. You may schedule a one-to-one session with the instructors to clear your doubts. All you have to do is stay laser-focused to learn and work progressively. 

Read more books 

Not just discussing the tech-related topics with the professionals, but you need to be agile while learning new things. What could be a better source of information other than books? Plus there is no distraction from pop-up notifications and advertisements while reading a book. Books cover the entire landscape of the subject matter written in a lucid format. 

There are few books related to coding and development. The pragmatic programmer, Clean Code, Software Craftsmanship are some of the names of the popular books. Each page is loaded with a glut of information to help you understand the subject. 

Read blogs 

Advancements in technology have opened up many avenues from where you can extract the necessary information according to your requirement. Likewise, blogs and articles have already broken new ground in order to cater meaningful information. Written by several authors, it would help you to learn coherently. 

Wrapping it up 

With the burgeoning technologies, you need to upgrade yourself every single day. Being constant would help you to reach dizzying new heights and that too within a stipulated time. However, if you are searching for full stack web developer jobs, we have a few recommendations for you- 

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