How To Pick The Right Bedroom Wardrobe


Love to shop for clothes? Then a wardrobe is a must for your bedroom. The wardrobe is one of the silent performers in your bedroom, without which your room looks messy and disorganised. While the bed is the bedroom’s focal point, the wardrobe has a role beyond being functional. A great-looking wardrobe quietly adds to the room’s aesthetics, without which the bedroom looks dull and empty. While there are many popular websites like Wakefit where you can choose a beautiful wardrobe, picking the perfect one for your room is not easy as there are myriad choices in terms of styles, designs, and other aspects. Here are some tips on how to make the right choice.

Choose the Wardrobe Design

Considering the amount of load it bears and the frequent usage, one should ensure that the design of the wardrobe is as per your needs so that it lasts long. Some of the wardrobe designs available are:

  • Hinged doors: These are a type of bedroom wardrobe that has been in existence for ages. It is a design where the doors are attached to strong hinges. The main advantage of this design is that the door can be swung wide, and you get a full view of the closet. Depending on the needs, you can have multiple storage options like hangers, shelves, drawers, etc. The main disadvantage is that they occupy space and hence may not be ideal for a small bedroom.
  • Freestanding: These are ideal for people who frequently shift their homes. It comes in two door wardrobe, three or even four-door configurations. The main advantage of this is that the storage is not just inside but above too. It gives extra space above its head for making use of vertical space. It comes in many colours, styles, and finishes. If your room cannot accommodate fitted wardrobes, you can choose this.
  • Sliding: This is a contemporary design where the doors slide from one side to another. These are space-saving as they don’t open in the front. Also, these do not hinder the flow of movement in the room. The major disadvantage is that only one side of the wardrobe can be viewed.
  • Customised wardrobes: These are tailor-made to your needs and can convert those corners into workable storage spaces. These can also be used for more than storing as they can be designed to act as a dressing unit, TV unit, and more. The major con of this design is to find the right people for designing and building as per requirement.
  • Wardrobes without handles: There are many 3 or 4 door wardrobe designs that come without any door handles. Such types of custom wardrobes gold coast are for those who want a streamlined and seamless look. These are the floor-to-ceiling length and are a space-saving option. The doors are push-to-open and do not need any handles to open.

Match your Style

Choosing a wardrobe means that you select something that matches the design style of your room. The wardrobe should complement the other furniture that is present in the room unless you want to go bohemian style. The wardrobe style has a huge impact on the aesthetics, so it has to be in harmony with other aspects of the room. Additionally, it should match the room decor and your needs. Many wardrobe styles are available in the market, and choosing one may become difficult. Look for something that matches the decor and when it comes to colour, opt to match it with the wall colour. Do you want more hanger space, drawers, shelves or is your wardrobe acting as a closet? Knowing these is crucial in selecting the perfect style.

Size and Storage

What size of wardrobe do you want and what is the space available for it? Answering this question gives you a clear picture of the size of the wardrobe that can be accommodated. Before selecting the wardrobe, check the measurements from the floor to the ceiling and then choose. The storage you purchase should be such that it does not block light and has enough room for movement.

Selecting the perfect wardrobe for your bedroom can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance and expertise, you can find a solution that meets your needs and enhances your space. By consulting with professional closet designers, you can ensure that your new wardrobe is both functional and stylish. For more tips on choosing the ideal bedroom wardrobe, check out this insightful article that offers valuable advice on making the best decision for your home.


The wardrobe’s material plays an important role in the overall look and feel. Wood is the most preferred choice, but you should also look into aspects like longevity, durability, and ease of maintenance when choosing the type of wood. The wardrobe price can vary based on the material you choose. While steel or plastic wardrobes are cheap, wooden wardrobes may have an upfront investment but pay for themselves in the long run. Whatever the material you choose, pay attention to the quality. It is furniture that cannot be changed often, so invest in good quality products.

Those are some of the essential things to keep in mind while picking a wardrobe. Like other furniture pieces, the wardrobe should also be chosen carefully, and it should be functional and harmonious with other aspects of the bedroom. Worried about the budget, Wakefit has many styles and designs that suit various price ranges.