How to Step in as an Interim Manager?

Ex-IMD Business School faculty member Michael Watkins says that interim management is a dance. Preparation for an interim manager permanent role and a willingness to accept the possibility that someone else may ultimately fill it.

Create a Limited Liability Company (LLC):

To do business, you need to register a limited liability company. It is standard practice in the industry. So, you’ll be able to establish your authority at work, satisfy consumer requests and save money on taxes. Companies House registration ensures that your business name matches your offerings. Other directorships you have and the identities of any shareholders in your limited business will be inquired about. However, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to mention the names of other shareholders in your financial statement.

Organize your Finances:

If not, hire an accountant. A business bank account may be opened, and money can be saved in business savings account for paying taxes, VAT, and NI with their help. Consult them about VAT registration, which has its perks and downsides based on your scenario. As a result of HMRC’s IR35 laws, you’ll need to ensure that you or your customer pay the correct tax and national insurance contributions. You’ll need a reliable means to monitor your money. 

Small-company owners are responsible for all taxes and expenses, including VAT, National Insurance (NI), business expenditures, and personal income taxes. In this regard, a good accounting software application may be really helpful. If your limited company’s cash flow may be erratic, talk to your accountant about all of your alternatives for managing it, including how to pay for expenses, take a salary, or accept a direct loan.

A Website and LinkedIn Presence should be Established:

At the same time that you register your limited business, buy the domain name for your firm’s chosen name. List any invoices, business cards, or contracts that may require your logo or design; many online firms can assist with this. You should include references from previous clients, current images of yourself, and case studies on your website and LinkedIn page. If you’re searching for a new job, make it clear on your LinkedIn profile that you are. Make it easy for consumers and potential employees to get in touch with you on both sites.

Ensure that your Web Presence is Clean and Linked:

Social networking connects you with colleagues, employers, and peers. Participate in social media by following relevant companies and organizations. If you help people at least as often as you ask for assistance, you’ll always be remembered by recruiters and potential clients. Writing a blog or speaking on a podcast is the greatest method to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

People you know and trust are the primary means of doing business. As a result, success depends on having a strong network of contacts. In terms of your achievements, is your CV doing you justice? Everybody thinks their resume is flawless, but staying on top of the latest research on interim manager resumes is always a good idea. If you’re job hunting, make sure your CV is position-specific. In this section, you should explain how you’ve utilized your wide set of skills to suit the demands of previous clients in interim or management roles. Show a client how you’ve shown yourself to be qualified.

Make Sure you’re Covered:

Professional Liability insurance is required for temporary staff. Comparison services such as Money Super Market and Compare the Market provide a broad range of deals and ideas customized to the needs of certain clients. If you have this insurance, your clients will know that you are serious about your work and trust you more if there is a lawsuit or damage claim against you. 

You might anticipate a potential client to seek a plethora of paperwork before initiating any work. If you are registered for VAT, your limited business information, insurance certificates, and passport copy should all be in PDF form. Providing a smoother administrative experience for your clients can improve their overall satisfaction with your services.


After completing these seven steps for Interim Manager, you may be confident in the professional, safe, and appealing nature of the service you provide your consumers with. Employers’ Liability and General Liability insurance are also viable options. Always be prepared to provide evidence of insurance if a customer requests it.