How to Style and Maintain Curly Hair Wigs?

Curly hair wig is a very classic and fashion hair style, and it is also one of the best sale human hair wigs in Love muse Hair. Are you prefer the curly hair wigs? If you get a curly human hair wig, how to style and maintain curly hair wigs?

1. What is a Curly Hair Wig?

Curly hair is an unique an fashion hairstyle in all hair textures. The curls of curly hair wigs are tighter and irregular than other kind of wavy hair wigs. So curly hair lace wigs always can help add hair volume for people for its full and thick look. It is a best choice for girls who want to have the thick hair.

2. How to Style and Maintain Curly Hair Wigs?

About Restyle

Here are mainly two ways to restyle the curly hair wigs.

  • Make Your Curly Hair Straight

Firstly, prepare some needed hair tools, the temperature of the flat iron should be low for protecting your curly hair wigs, you should straighten it layer by layer gently and slowly.

2) Do Buns or a Ponytail

Curly hair lace wigs are very full and fashion, so it is very suitable to do some vivid hair styles, like ponytails or buns, and you will be very fashion and unique.

About Maintain

It is very important to do the daily hair care. Here are some tips:

1) Brush the curly hair wigs with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb regularly.

2) It is better not to brush a curly hair wig if it is very wet.

3) It is better to clean the curly hair wigs with the warm water slowly and gently.

4) Make your curly hair more soft and smooth with the good-quality hair conditioner.

5) Wrap the water with a dry towel after washing.

6)Then place the curly wig on a wig holder for the air dry.

7) Do not sleep with a curly hair wig.

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