FoodHow to Use a Vacuum Sealer Bag?

How to Use a Vacuum Sealer Bag?

You all gotta agree that a Vacuum sealer is a blessing for all kitchens. These vacuum sealer bags allow you to store food and meat safely for a long period of time. Not to mention, they also help avoid food wastage by extending the shelf life of food. From packing food for the way to preserving any kind of food, vacuum sealing bags are the best solution.

Moreover, vacuum sealing also makes the food taste better by holding on to the moisture and flavor of the food. All you need to do is choose appropriate vacuum sealer bags for the things you want to preserve. Continue reading this article to discover new and unique ways to use a vacuum sealer bag.

For outing

Vacuum sealer bags are widely used for keeping food fresh which makes them a perfect companion for holidays and camping to store snacks and food. Though, you can also use them in other ways while packing such as for keeping wet wipes to preserve the moisture and toilet paper to avoid unnecessarily filling space.

They can be also helpful in keeping your cell phone, money, torch, watch and other belongings safe from water.


Humans are accustomed to eating half of the fruit while keeping the other half in an open environment which allows bacteria and infections, making the fruit unhealthy to eat for the next time. So, in that case, vacuum sealer bags are a lifesaver. They will keep the second half of the fruit completely healthy and fresh without any kind of germs on it.

Store the meat

Meat is very environmentally conscious and vulnerable to unhealthy bacteria and infections. So, whether you eat meat fresh or you store it in the freeze vacuum-sealed only. Or you will end up with freezer-burned meat. Make sure that you use vacuum seal bags before keeping the meat in the refrigerator. The best thing is that vacuum-sealed meat stays good for 3 years. Amazing, right?

For clothes

One could never have enough space for the storage of seasonal clothes. But with vacuum sealer bags, everything is very easy-peasy. Instead of using tote bags, you can consider vacuum sealers, as they keep the air out making the size as compact and slimmer as possible. You can put them in tighter spots without any problem. They also ensure that your clothes don’t degrade by removing all the oxygen. However, it may leave wrinkles on your clothes due to tight packaging but you can just iron them away.

Is there any food that should not be vacuum sealed?

Vacuum sealer bags are a great invention and very helpful. They can literally keep anything as good as it should be. But there are some exceptions. You can’t vacuum seal some food such as:

  • Mushrooms
  • Garlic
  • Soft cheeses such as blue cheese, brie, and camembert.
  • Freshly cooked vegetables (let them cool down at room temperature before vacuum sealing)

The food items with anaerobic bacteria can grow without oxygen and it even encourages the growth of pathogens leaving your food very unhealthy.

There are also some food items that require to be blanched (a cooking process in which food is dipped in boiling water for some time and then cooled down under running water) before vacuum sealing. Food that needs to be blanched includes Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Turnips, Brussels sprouts, Radishes, and Kale.


A vacuum sealer bag can be a wonderful tool to save time and money if used properly. It extends the shelflife by removing all the oxygen as bacteria need oxygen to grow and survive. And as it also keeps things secure from water and other foreign elements; it can be used in plenty of ways.

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