How Town Planners Can Help Shape a Modern City


According to Australia’s official population estimates reported on the City of Melbourne website, Melbourne is the thirteenth fastest growing municipality in Australia. In 2020, it’s estimated that there were 183,756 people living in this beautiful city. To date, the number is growing rapidly.

As the population of Melbourne increases, available land and properties must keep up with the demand. Enter the delicate challenge of balancing development and sustainability, for although the two aren’t mutually exclusive, they can be achieved together. This presents the most fundamental challenge town planners face.

When it comes to optimising our cityscape, there are multiple factors to take into serious consideration. Land survey and town planning play a significant role. Nevertheless, it’s also important to educate the public so that they are knowledgeable and sensitive to the concerns of the local government and impacted community.

Preparing with Land Survey

Developing land is a costly act, therefore proper, thorough planning and preparation are crucial to any project’s success. The land surveying department has a crucial part in all of this. In addition, land survey services also help provide the groundwork needed for our town planning department to make informed decisions that best reflect every party’s needs (from clients to the relevant authorities, and the community) for the best strategies to unfold.

Surveyors from land surveying will determine the details of the property according to the topography, slopes, and the existing conditions. Survey equipment that is specially designed will be used to determine the setbacks and sightings for the existing structures and properties. This is vital for architects and building designers since they must have an understanding of the area as even the presence of a window in an adjacent building could alter the guidelines of what you can accomplish when designing your home.

Town Planning for the Future

Land survey aside, town planning is also key to ensuring a thriving city. In town planning, it’s important to determine the context of your proposed development, what is permitted and how it will affect the surrounding neighbourhoods. You will need to consider these key factors, among others, when developing units, an apartment block, or changing the use of land. This means liaising with other relevant consultants, assessing the complex State and Local policies and strategic frameworks.

Town planners play an active role in shaping Melbourne’s property future through the provision of re-zoning and land use services. By doing this, we can change the possibilities for the various areas of Melbourne’s commercial and residential districts, allowing developers to open up new exciting opportunities and spaces for various developments. This isn’t solely exclusive to developers as a town planning consultant would also provide advice to councils and the overall community.

Here’s where professional town planning services in both local government and private practice are necessary as they can provide developers with a solid understanding of town planning processes and professional relationships with council officers.

You may overlook specific conditions in the land you wish to develop if there’s lack of town planning expertise. To top that off, you may also incur higher cost for your project if the approval council rejects your non-compliant application. This could potentially cause you to spend more than your budget allows and delay the project at the same time. By working with a town planner from the beginning, your application has a better chance of getting approved, saving you time and money in the long run.

Besides this, one of the major roles that town planners play in shaping the future of the city is bridging the gap between businesses, the local council, and the community. In short, town planners act as conduits between the various parties and help clients arrive at solutions that are practical and beneficial, within the confines of relevant legislation and regulation.

Thus, prior to any development, it is crucial to engage reputable and reliable companies that can provide professional town planning solutions to meet the emerging demands of our cityscape. Take your time to choose a town planner. Schedule a meeting and get to know the recent developments that they have worked on. Additionally, ask about their connections or rapport with local council officers in the planning department as this will help to speed up the approval process. A well-connected and highly regarding town planning consultant will ultimately ensure your project has the best chance of success from concept to completion.