How Will You Know If You Are Pregnant?


Sometimes the indications of early pregnancy can differ from one woman to another. You might notice some changes in your body during the first month of your pregnancy, while others do not notice anything at all. Some of the common symptoms of early pregnancy are morning sickness, missed periods, tender and swollen breasts, or increased urination times. However, the best way to know is to use the pregnancy test multipack.

How to Quickly Know if You Are Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a unique experience for every woman. A few women may have some notions that they are pregnant during the first few weeks of pregnancy. On the other hand, others will not notice anything until they have missed their period. The fact is, there are even some women who do not suspect that they are pregnant until several months have passed after conception.

One of the obvious ways of knowing that you are pregnant is to use a pregnancy test. The pregnancy test will measure your hormone, also known as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Right from the start of conception, your hormone will begin to build and multiply in your body. However, it will take some time before your body can generate sufficient hCG to record on a pregnancy test.

Generally, it will take approximately three to four weeks before your body can produce sufficient hCG for a positive pregnancy test from the start of your last period.

When Can You Take a Pregnancy Test?

Since it will take some time before your body can build up the hormone hCG, then it’s best if you should wait until you miss your period before you take a home pregnancy test. If you take the test before this time, then a negative result will likely come up, even if you are pregnant.

According to a top Gynecologist in Dubai, taking the pregnancy test might not be the best way to make sure you are pregnant. In other words, they say that such tests might have a high margin for error and can return results that are confusing. If you start feeling nauseated or experience uneasiness, it is best to check in with a gynecologist at the earliest following unsafe sex. They will be able to run some tests and confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

Are Using Home Pregnancy Tests the Best Way for Checking Early Pregnancy?

Typically, a pregnancy test multipack is highly reliable. How does it work? You need to urinate on the small test strip and wait for a symbol to show in the result window. In this window, you can see a test image such as a single straight line.

If you can see this symbol, then it means that the pregnancy test is working. Be sure to check the instructions and packaging to make sure that it is working properly. In just a few minutes, you can see either a positive result or a negative result. Sometimes a word or phrase is displayed.

Another method to use for knowing if you are pregnant is blood tests. It is usually done in the healthcare provider’s office. In this technique, the test will search for hCG in your blood. However, you have to wait for hCG to develop in your body before you can take this type of pregnancy test.

In some cases, this method might be recommended by your healthcare provider. If you think that you are pregnant, then you should call your health provider right away. In this way, they can recommend the best type of pregnancy test for you.

What Are the Common Signs of Pregnancy?

There are different indications of early pregnancy that a woman could experience. Not all pregnant women can experience all of these symptoms, and some women may not experience any of these things.

We hope that these tips can help you in knowing if you are pregnant or not.