Hunting in Argentina Prices

Argentina is a popular pastime, and the country offers some of the best big game hunting in the world.  Hunting in Argentina Prices for red stag hunting trips varies depending on the type of animal hunted and the type of Estancia you stay in but generally start at around $2,000 per person plus trophy fees.

Argentina Red Stag Hunting

Argentina is a top destination for red stag hunting. The country has an abundance of these animals, and the scenery is beautiful. Hunters will enjoy their time in Argentina, whether experienced or novice hunters.

Many lodges offer red stag hunts in Argentina. Some of them are very luxurious, while others are more rustic. It all depends on what the hunter is looking to bag and whey they want to stay. There are also different types of terrain to hunt in, including mountains, forests, and grasslands.

Red stags can weigh up to 500 pounds, providing a challenging target for hunters. They are also known for their impressive antlers. To bag a red stag takes skill and patience. But it is worth the effort, as these animals make excellent trophies.

If you are interested in Argentina hunting for red stag, you will not be disappointed. In addition, the country offers some of the best big game hunting in the world.

Argentina Axis Deer Hunting

Axis deer hunting is a popular sport in many parts of the world. Argentina is one such destination, where hunters can enjoy stalking these graceful animals through the rolling hills and dense forests. Axis deer are considered one of the most challenging big game animals to hunt due to their keen senses and ability to evade detection.

Hunters looking for an adventure and a chance to test their skills will find that axis deer hunting in Argentina offers everything they could want. The country is home to large populations of these deer, providing ample opportunity for trophy bucks. In addition, the varied terrain offers plenty of cover for stalkers, making it possible to get close enough for a clean shot.

Several lodges in Argentina offer axis deer hunting packages with unique benefits and drawbacks. It is mandatory to do your research before choosing a lodge, as not all of them provide equal value. For example, some lodges are located near major cities, while others are deep in the wilderness. Some lodges have luxurious accommodations while others are more basic; some provide excellent guides and tracking services, while others leave much desired.

No matter which lodge you choose, though, you can be sure that axis deer hunting in Argentina will be an unforgettable experience. These beautiful animals provide an exciting challenge for any hunter, and the stunning scenery only adds to the appeal. So if you’re looking for an exotic hunting destination that offers something different than the typical North American or African safari hunts, consider heading south to Argentina for some thrilling Axis Deer Hunting!

Argentina Bird Hunting

Argentina is also home to various bird species, including waterfowl, upland birds, and migratory birds. Prices for bird hunting trips start at around $2000 per person plus the cost of ammo.

Argentina bird hunting is a popular activity for hunters around the world. The country offers ample opportunity to hunt various birds, including ducks, geese, doves, perdiz, and pigeons. There are also opportunities to hunt upland game birds such as quail and partridge. Argentina is well known for its pampa’s habitat, which provides perfect conditions for waterfowl hunting. In addition to the many wetland areas available for hunting, the country also has vast open expanses ideal for pursuing upland game birds.

The best time to go bird hunting in Argentina depends on what type of bird you want to hunt. For example, dove season typically runs all year round, while duck season usually starts in late May or early June and lasts until July. It’s essential to check with local authorities before planning a trip to make sure you know any changes in regulations that may have occurred since the last time you hunted there.

A valid passport and visa are required for entry into Argentina. You will also need an import permit to bring your firearms into the country. Hunters should be familiar with Argentine gun laws before traveling; certain guns may not be allowed depending on where they are hunting.

Several excellent outfitters can provide everything you need for a successful hunt for Argentina hunting – from guides and transportation to food and lodging.

Do your research to find an outfitter who meets your needs and budget. Bird hunting can be an expensive hobby, but it’s worth it!

Argentina has something to offer everyone, whether you’re looking to hunt big game or bag some birds. Contact a local booking agent today to learn more about pricing and availability.