iDenfy Announces New Partnership with 4finance to provide identity verification service

iDenfy, partners with 4finance, provide Identity Verification Services.

Kaunas, Lithuania (June 15, 2021) – iDenfy, a global identity verification service that provides a secure and reliable solution to instantly verify consumers identity online, announced its partnership with new client, 4finance today. 4Finance, one of Europe’s largest digital consumer lending groups with operations in 11 countries, will retain iDenfy to provide identity verification services to improve lending speed and usage for end users. ­

According to CEO at 4finance Gvido Endlers, “Quick, convenient and responsible accessibility to our lending services is key. Our business is driven by understanding our customers’ needs and offering a viable alternative to traditional banks. The iDenfy identification verification service was exactly what we needed to do this simply and safely. With this new partnership, our customers can have more trust and sense of security with the fintech industry. The innovations that we are developing and moving forward by integrating with modern solutions like iDenfy, are paving the way to improve our customer experiences across the industry.

iDenfy uses the latest artificial intelligence and biometric technologies to meet compliance, prevent fraud, and minimize costs, while processing customers’ data quickly and securely. To ensure the highest accuracy, the company combines three different facial recognition systems – ID Document Verification, Facial Recognition, and 3D Liveness Detection – into a user-friendly four-step verification process. The company prides itself on each verification being reviewed by qualified experts 24/7, 365 days a year.  

iDenfy has always been about people,” says CEO Domantas Ciulde. “After all, it’s people that matter in the end. Be a partner, client, or employee, we strongly believe that support, recognition, and most importantly compassion is what drives everyone and helps us grow. That is the secret sauce in our recipe for success. In this new venture with 4finance, we will be able to create a safe, secure, and customer-friendly approach to verifying identification, accelerating the lending process.