IELTS Exam: Score Higher Bands with These 7 Amazing Tips

Want to know how you can score a high IELTS mark? Here are some of the best tips from industry experts that will help you prepare for your IELTS exam.

A lot is riding on this one, so it’s important we all work together and know what steps need to be taken in order to get our desired outcomes!  The first thing anyone who is wishing to succeed should do, before starting any sort of study or practice period – is find themselves with ample study material and prepare a plan. Start by making a goal, your dream score. And then, start working towards it. Trust us, things will become a lot easier after that. In the meantime, check out these amazing and proven tips to improve your scores.

7 Ways to Improve Your Scores

Improve with IELTS Sample Questions

It is advisable to follow IELTS Sample Questions, which are available online. These practice questions have some similarities with the actual IELTS exam. So you should solve enough IELTS sample questions before attempting the actual test. It will help you in understanding the exam pattern and difficulty level. Moreover, the Sample Questions cover each question type that can be asked in the IELTS exam. There are many question types in all the four modules – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, and sample questions cover all of them!

Increase Your Vocabulary

Memorizing new vocabulary is the key to success in this exam. Every examiner looks for a few common points – Command over language, range of vocabulary, and content delivery. If you can excel in these points, your chances of scoring a high band in the IELTS Exam are great! Start by working on some common topics that often appear in the exam, such as education and work. Add vocabulary in these topics and then continue adding more words by watching documentaries, educational movies, newspapers, magazines, journals etc.

Cramming IELTS Questions

Cramming means learning everything in a single take or flooding yourself with studies within a short period. No doubt, cramming IELTS matters will not help you anyhow so avoid it and follow a smart preparation plan instead. Give some time gap between one topic and the other as this will help you mastering on each topic separately. Prepare a study plan and do not add too many topics in a single day.

Take Intervals between Practice Tests

When it comes to preparing for the IETLS exam, many students wonder if they should take some break after each practice test. The answer is really simple. It varies from one person to another. Every test-taker is unique in their own way. Few like to take multiple tests to enhance their concentration power while others like to take breaks to energize themselves. Either way, we recommend taking breaks in between. This way, you can review your test, correct the wrong answers and understand your mistakes. Take a Practice Test once a week. The remaining days’ work on IETLS sample questions.

Practice the Speaking module

The right words can make all the difference in how you deliver the answer. The better your vocabulary and task completion, the better you score. It is extremely vital that you practice this module with utmost sincerity. Many students take this module lightly but remember, to give equal weightage to all of them. Practice all the three sections – Introduction, Cue Card, and Discussion. Articulate your thoughts and express them appropriately. It will definitely yield better results.

Download the IELTS Mobile App

One more amazing way to prepare for your IELTS exam is by downloading an IELTS Mobile App. With the IELTS Mobile App, you can take your studies anywhere. You’ll have access to tons of awesome learning features and free tests that will help guide preparation for any exam – IELTS Academic or General Training. A word about our app: We know how important it is not only having but using an effective application while striving towards academic success. This has been factored into every detail we’ve made sure included within your (the student’s) reach at all times during everyday usage.

Enroll in IELTS Online Coaching Class

There are different types of aspirants. Few can prepare on their own and few require coaching. Thus, we need to explain a bit about Online Coaching. When it comes to IELTS, there are two major factors that make online coaching courses so popular. Firstly, they offer a flexible and updated study environment with full attention from instructors during classes. Secondly, students can learn at their own pace which allows them time for thought before asking questions in class – this means you’re able to divide your learning according as desired! This is one reason why students opt for Online Coaching when everything else doesn’t work.


With IELTS experts sharing these tips over and again, it’s easy to see how you can achieve a high score on the test. Follow all of their advice for optimum results! If coaching isn’t available where you live or if your schedule doesn’t allow enough free time between work/school hours, then opt for IELTS online coaching.

As we all know, when it comes down strictly to test-taking skills nothing beats practice makes perfect right? So don’t waste another minute before getting started!

Practice is the key to higher scores!