Importance of Greenery in Office space

The advantages of green in the office? Green makes the Del Mar CA office space cozy. But more importantly, plants and flowers contribute to good mental and physical health. That is not a myth, but proven immensely with numerous scientific studies. People need nature. Enough space… if you have a clean desk policy.

Plants for better health policy

The presence of plants ensures less stress among colleagues. A study by Washington State University shows that stress levels drop by 12%. The study participants also appear to be faster in answering the questions. As you probably know, health, wellbeing and safety policies are at the top of Solid Talent’s priority list, so we show the enjoyable with the useful and office landscaping as an ideal tool for achieving the goals.

Plants have a good return on investment

Everyone likes to work in a healthy and pleasant office. You do not have to put all the desks in a different layout every month, give the walls a lick of paint, etc. An easy and especially cheaper solution is investing in office landscaping.

Healthy working environment and healthy employees

Plants purify the air and increase the humidity. In addition, they also have a sound-absorbing effect, the logical consequence of which is that the environment is healthier. Even in the most modern office buildings with lots of windows and light, there are air conditioning and ventilation systems that ‘pollute’ our air. Put a plant on your desk and problem solved (or already largely)!check Del Mar CA office space

Better job satisfaction, lower work stress, increased productivity and creativity.

Creativity increases with just 1 plant in the office! Scientists suspect that this is due to the calming effect of plants. When you feel calm and healthy, there is more room in your head for new ideas. Especially when performing repetitive tasks, the presence of plants can help with a productivity or creativity dip. Is your employer not a fan of plants in the workplace? Tell him that scientific studies show that productivity can be increased by 38%, which indirectly leads to more innovation and business growth! Point proven I think.

Better concentration and memory

What tip is given to students during the exam period? Provide enough oxygen in your brain, take a walk to clear the head. Plants in the office have the same effect, the mechanism works just like taking a walk in nature. The air in the office is cleaner, the concentration increases.

Plants in the office increase the group feeling

Plants need to be cared for. You can turn this into a joint project, in which every colleague is given a role. This will promote communication and social cohesion. Plants as a joint care project will also be accepted more quickly by your employer than, for example, an office dog.


Not all plants will do well in the office. When choosing a plant, it is important to consider the amount of daylight entering and how often the plants can be watered. Plants that are easy to care for and do not require full sun are often well suited. Plants that generally do well in the office are, for example, succulents (for example, the aloe vera or the cactus), rubber plants, spoon plants or palms (for example, the golden palm).