LawJersey City car accident: Take these essential steps

Jersey City car accident: Take these essential steps

As a resident of Jersey City, you probably know car accidents are not rare here. More often than not, car accidents have devastating consequences. If you end up getting injured in one, you have to take the right steps to protect your rights. Since New Jersey is a no-fault state, you would typically turn to your insurer for compensation. However, there are some circumstances when you can file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. For that, you must seek advice from a Jersey City personal injury lawyer. Here are some essential things you must do right after the accident. 

  1. Stay at the scene and call the local police. Don’t be tempted to leave the accident scene. Always call the local police and wait for an investigating officer to arrive. Share details of your injuries, vehicle damage, and consider asking for a copy of the police report. If you can, note down the names of the officers at the scene. 
  2. Call 911. If you have suffered injuries that need medical attention, call 911 right away. You need to check with an injury doctor at the earliest to get the necessary treatment and medical care. If someone else is injured, you should do the same. 
  3. Take photographs. This one is a generic but necessary tip. Take as many photographs and videos of the accident scene as you can. Take photographs of your injuries, vehicle damage, and other details that may matter. 
  4. Talk to the witnesses and other drivers. Don’t argue or engage in confrontations even when you believe that the other driver(s) was negligent. Instead, note down their names, contact details, and insurance info. If there were witnesses at the scene, note down their details too.
  5. Inform the insurance company. As in other states, there is a statute of limitations in New Jersey too for auto accident lawsuits, but you have to take prompt action for insurance claims. Call the insurance company immediately and inform them of the accident. Don’t admit fault or say anything that can go against you. 

Talk to a car accident lawyer

Find a personal injury attorney who specializes in car accident lawsuits. They can evaluate the worth of your case and determine if you have the scope to file a direct civil lawsuit against the at-fault party. Your lawyer can also negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf so that you don’t settle for a lesser amount for your claim. 

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