NewsLatest Interior Design Plans That’s Gaining Popularity this Year

Latest Interior Design Plans That’s Gaining Popularity this Year

The bygone year has taught us several things, but most of all, it has taught us to survive with basics, to be grateful for everything we have and midst of all the chaos out there, home is the only place to feel secure, calm our jumping nerves and be tranquil. If you have been holding off the plan to redo your living space for some time now, we suggest this is the right time to go ahead and materialize the plan. This year the interior designing trends have seen a whole new dimension and the trend indicates how to live in harmony in the current times of unrest. Let’s explore some of the interior design plans that have been gaining popularity and are here to stay this year.

  1. Color Combination Of Hope: This year Pantone has released a combination of two colors that are dominating the scenes of fashion and the interior world, these colors are ultimate grey that personifies the dark clouds on the entire mankind and illuminating yellow, which personifies a ray of hope in the coming months. Wondering how to use this trend? A gradient shade of grey makes a perfect background for your bedroom and you can look at the latest bed designs with a yellow headboard to add that pop of color.

2. Rounded Furniture: While the previous year the world of furniture was all about clean geometrical shapes and straight lines, but this year the curves seem to be back in fashion! One sneak-peak into the collection of well-known furniture brands you will realize that tv stand design with perfect round display shelves to sofa sets with curvy back and round arms are in rage. How do you use this trend? If any of your furniture needs replacement, find the ones with round edges and shapely legs!

3. Light-Coloured Wood: The lighter shades of wood finishing are what is trending this season. It also gives an illusion of open space to your otherwise small room, so how do you use the trend? So next time around when you want to bring in a furniture piece chose the ones made out of rubberwood or maple as they are lighter in the shade when compared to teak and mahogany that are the darker counterparts.

4. Eco-friendly and Closer to Nature Décor:  This year is all about being closer to nature and doing our bit in reducing the carbon footprint. So bring in décor items that are made of biodegradable material like cane, terracotta, wood and try and use as little plastic and synthetic material items. Another good way to remain connected to nature is to fill your space with house plants. Not only are they pretty but they also have a soothing and calming effect on us.

  1. Bling it Up: Yes all that is shiny is back in demand. Add glamour and glitz to your house with some sequence work cushion covers for example. Be careful not to overdo otherwise it may make your artistic house look gaudy.

Hope the above list has given you meaningful insight on what’s trending this season, and how to incorporate it seamlessly into your interior décor plan.

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