Latest Trends In Women’s Shorts For FALL 2023

Need a few new pieces of clothing to spice up your wardrobe for fall? Consider adding a fresh pair of shorts to your closet. Though shorts are a summer staple, fashion experts say they can work for autumn when styled with workpieces

Baring your legs may seem like a no-no once temperatures start to drop. However, to look chic while wearing shorts in autumn, you only need to choose suitable fabrics and colors. Add the right outerwear and style them with sophistication in mind, and you will create lots of looks that will turn heads this fall. Here are the latest trends in women’s shorts for Fall 2023 and some styling hacks to look fabulous in shorts.

Slouchy Denim Bermudas

LA-based brand Sanctuary said shorts for women should be versatile, comfortable, and stylish, and denim or jean shorts meet all these requirements. In the summer, denim shorts look sexy and sporty when paired with a basic tee or a tank top. But think about taking your jean shorts to the next level for fall by wearing them with dressier pieces. 

The best denim shorts for fall are loose, slouchy, and cut just above the knee, so look for baggy jean Bermudas in a light wash. You can pick ones with or without distressing, but if there are any intentional rips in the fabric, ensure that they are manageable. After all, you still want to be warm while wearing shorts. 

Pair your denim Bermudas with a bra top or a classic button-down shirt, then layer a leather jacket or an oversized blazer over your top. Wear a denim jacket over your top for a double-denim look, and try to match the color to your shorts. Accessorize with a men’s watch, hoop earrings, a leather belt, and a small purse. Wear heels in an unexpected color, like yellow, bright orange, or red, to add a feminine touch to your outfit. 

Belted Mid-length Shorts

Not a fan of ultra-short shorts? Try wearing mid-length ones or shorts that hit mid-thigh. It is the most flattering length on anyone, giving you some coverage without sacrificing style. Wear cotton or stretch poplin shorts in warm, neutral colors, like beige or chocolate brown. Then, add a braided belt in a deep mahogany brown or dark brown leather. 

Alternatively, you can wear mid-length shorts with an attached ribbon belt. These shorts usually sit high, with the belt tied just slightly above your waistline, so only choose this style if you like the look of high-waisted shorts. 

When wearing belted shorts, you must wear a top that shows off your waistline, so choose a crop top or tuck your blouse in. Top it off with a slouchy knitted cardigan in the same color as your shorts for a monochromatic look. Complete your outfit with brogues that match the color of your belt. 

Tweed Shorts

Tweed is a quintessential autumn fabric, so you can expect to see lots of people wearing tweed ensembles this fall. To make the look less prim and proper, create a deconstructed tweed outfit with some tweed shorts and an edgy top. 

Wear black and white tweed shorts with an asymmetrical leather or pleather top, then pair the look with heels or ankle boots. It is an excellent look for a night out with your girlfriends or a fun date. 

Wear a blouse with a plunging V-neckline with your tweed shorts for something more put together. Layer a well-cut blazer over it and pair it with heels or brogues. Remember to add a small structured bag and some jewelry. If it is chilly outside, add warmth by wearing opaque black tights with your shorts.

Corduroy Shorts

For casual days or running errands, you will want to wear warm shorts that are soft and comfy yet stylish at the same time. For days like these, you will want a pair of corduroy shorts. Corduroy was one of the most popular fabrics in the 1970s, and everyone loved it, from Farrah Fawcett of Charlie’s Angels fame to iconic musicians like Elton John.  

Every fall, corduroy comes back in the form of trousers and jackets. But to twist this classic, look for corduroy shorts in fall colors like rust, mustard yellow, olive green, or deep brown. Choose shorts with a slightly baggy fit and cuffs for a modern look. Wear your corduroy shorts with a cable knit sweater or a plain tee with a patchwork jacket. Add a beanie, classic sneakers, and a bucket bag to complete your look. 

Corduroy skorts are another option to add a feminine touch to your outfit. Since this type of clothing consists of shorts at the back and a skirt at the front, it gives you more freedom to move, making it perfect for busy days. Style your skort the same way you would your corduroy shorts, then wear sneakers or low-cut suede boots to enhance the retro feel of your outfit.

The best shorts for fall are chic and comfy and make you look put together for pumpkin spice season. Consider these trends in women’s shorts for fall, and have fun creating fabulous autumn looks!