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Some of the best digital label cutters of 2021

2021 has started long ago. So here are the top digital label finishers for you in this blog. You all know that 2020 has brought a significant change in every industry. Everyone knows that the best brands use the best technology things all the time. So, the best technology label cutters with the best brands to last a long time will discuss them here. For more information, you can look out for laser cutting near me.

Then come find out about the best laser finishers and label die cutters expected in 2021. Below are the details for each device. I hope you find it helpful.

1. Quick label LF digital die-cutter

There are two models of this label finisher, and both will be at the beginning of this list. The easiest way to cut custom labels is to use these two digital cutters.

The LF-100 is a tabletop compact cutter, making cutting labels very simple, easy, and, most importantly, cost practically. Buying a pre-cut label costs 500 %% more than cutting your label, which many may not realize. In addition, the LF series of die cutters save money on your label materials.

Best paired with LF-100 QL-300 or Epson C7500 printers. This roll to blade cutter offers the advantage of a cheap printing experience by Providing multi-edge blades to the user.

Multi-edge blades help reduce their replacement and extend the cutting life of the blades. This is the distinctive feature of the LF-100.

2. LF-200 8.8 “digital label cutter

If you want to see a bigger version of the LF-100 5 “digital label cutter, take a look at the LF-200 8.8” digital label cutter. This is precisely what you want to see.

It makes it easy to use in any environment. Moreover, it adds an extra level of possibility for its users, including all the features from the latest series of printers to the LF100, fast labelled LF200 “compact.

LF200 support media “8.8”, which is the perfect entry model label cutter. It can cut any level. The LF-200 can also be paired with Epson, Quick Label, Anytron, and Colordyne printers and is best paired with many of the top brand digital label printers of any brand.

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3. Arrow Echo-300 roll to roll label cutter

The Arrow Eco-300 roll-to-roll label cutting is the best advice for you if you are looking for the most economical finishing solution.

The Echo 300 allows for all seamless die-cutting, regardless of size. One of the best die cut machines to produce seamless print jobs quickly is house label production.


In making the cut label easy and fast, Echo-300 is on top of other label finishers. But, again, it is the most expensive digital label cutter on the market.

The inline cutting and matrix removal feature is the perfect companion for Echo 300 short-run label production. With the skill of labels, Echo helps users of any size to add whole.

The Echo-300 can be attached to any roll label printer. It has a maximum bandwidth of 17 “, and it is pretty easy and convenient to print custom labels suitable for prepress sampling because the software is straightforward to use.

4. Arrow DBSX 13 “Blade Finisher

Now presenting to you the Arrow DBSX 13 “Blade Finisher. Which is an instrument to proudly present to you. A high-speed cutting head and Arrow DBSX is a full finishing option for label stock up to 13 ″ wide. DBS is one of the best blade finishers to carry in our search.

A blade cutter for DBSX labels and provides appropriate cutting with the highest quality dual cutting titles. It can be furnished with up to 4 cut heads for unmatched speed and accuracy. These are equipped with carbide cutting blades for the most extended likely breath!

The inline web guide retains everything running true through the system. Integrated waste removal and slitting make this machine a one-stop finishing solution! Manufacturing finish labels on demand has never been easier!

5. Any-cut II laser die-cutter

If you want to cut your labels by hand, we recommend any cut II laser label cutter for you. This is one of the best options for you. To cut the accuracy of your label designs, any cut II stable laser cutter.

It is the perfect laser die cutter for label printers of any size, making it unique for its compact design and ultimate flexibility. In addition, the cut line is easily integrated using Adobe Illustrator and has a built-in auto job change registration system to allow uninterrupted cutting of multiple jobs.

Any-cut II performs multiple functions simultaneously, such as laminating, die-cutting, slitting rolls and waste removal.

Not only the laser cutting system can be upgraded to 100W, 125W or 150W for faster throughput, but also the cutting power does work efficiently at 80W.

6. Anytron Any cut III – Production Class 13 “Digital Laser Finisher

At the top of the chart of the best digital label cutters for everyone is Aniston’s Anycut III which is a 13 “production class digital laser finisher.

This is a top solution for the full completion of all your needs. Suitable for Any cut III customers with inline lamination, laser cutting, waste removal, slitting and dual refilling, all in one solution for a 13 “wide printer.

This laser cutting machine is best for time and money efficiency, short-run or long run, and home or outsourcing label production. To run multiple different files anycut III also has an auto job change feature on the same web. So, you can get an alternative quickly between different tasks without changing the cutting tools!

Anycut III uses a high-power laser beam and web guide system for cutting labels and a flawless finish. The machine is also very advanced in terms of power. This machine can cut 10,000+ labels in one hour.

I hope you find this helpful article. Hopefully, in 2021, your label industry has fully met the offer. Let them know if you have any question, and they will help you out. In addition, they will be happy to help you find solutions to your label printing needs.

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