Lebenswert vs Holle [2021]: Which organic baby formula  is better?

Breastfeeding is the best for your baby. The composition of breast milk always offers your baby the perfect combination of nutrients. But life is unpredictable, and you often have to switch to formula. But nowadays, there is no problem at all. Milk formula manufacturers adapt their products to breast milk.

Holle formula

For example, pediatricians recommend giving Holle formula to babies from birth. It can be used as a supplement to breastfeeding or as a complete transition to artificial feeding. Initial PRE milk is given to babies with low birth weight or premature babies so that they can gain weight more quickly and develop. When your baby is 6 months old, you can switch to Holle Organic Follow-on Milk 2.

Each Holle Organic formula is based on valuable, high-quality milk from farms in southern Germany. As you know, Germany is a farming country with a humane approach to animals and most farms work in harmony with nature.

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Holle is a producer of baby food that guarantees a high quality product made from natural ingredients. You will not find sugar, gluten and GMOs in the mixes, because these components have a negative impact on children’s bodies. The formula is made very simply: you need to mix boiled water at 50 º C with a portion of the mixture indicated in the instructions and whip it until it forms a powder. That’s all, the baby eats and grows and develops.

Lebenswert baby formula

Lebenswert baby formula, which by the way is made by Holle, is really the best organic baby formula without GMOs, without artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives, corn syrup, cane sugar, gluten and soy, which provides unbeatable quality for your baby. It is recommended by pediatricians in both Europe and the United States. It contains the nutrients your baby’s growing body needs.

The formula called Lebenswert is “Bioland” certified, which means that it meets the strict requirements of the European Union for organic farming methods. The fields where cattle graze, or grass forage grows, have never seen pesticides or pesticides. That is, the company supports and develops bio-farming. This has its own advantages, both for organic mixtures, and for the preservation of natural resources of the planet, because of the positive impact on the environment. An interesting fact is that Lebenswert Bio makes a special contribution by donating one cent of every product sold to the restoration of the region’s forests.

So, Lebenswert Bio’s milk is exclusively of organic origin. It is supplemented with beneficial prebiotics and probiotics to help strengthen the immune system that has not yet been formed. When you feed your baby the Lebenswert formula, you are not only providing the best organic formula for healthy growth, you are also supporting the environment for future generations.

Every mother knows that a balanced diet is the key to normal child development. The above formulas contain all the necessary minerals, trace elements and vitamins for your baby. Thanks to their properties, your baby will forget about tummy troubles, and sleepless nights will be just a dream for you. In addition, these milk formulas help with digestive upset and bloating. With systematic use of Holle or Lebenswert milk formulas, your baby will develop a healthy gut microflora and strengthen immunity. And this is a major aspect in the care of children’s health.

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